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  1. Maybe with this new role, Elizabeth will be able to to much more. I'm assuming with the more time she's there, the more she will be able to do. She was only an intern until this point so I'm hoping this will allow her to to much more with less burocracy in the way. Of course, she isn't a supervisor or director, but this is a higher position than intern.
  2. Not a design but I know It'll be wild when the copyright information say six flags everywhere
  3. I'm just waiting for that one flipper zero owner to make a video "How to get the winterfest wand displays for FREE *2023!!!* *WORKING!!!* *GONE WRONG!!!* *3AM CHALLENGE!!!*"
  4. I'm really enjoying it tonight. I'm really liking the revamped areas. Coney mall 1/2 now because the Coca-Cola plaza really helped that area especially with the new music, sorry Mr.Grinch but I couldn't take another year of hearing your song. Nothing personal. The new lights in Oktoberfest are beautiful when looking from the ap side of the lake. It's also a Christmas miracle that our park isn't having the chaperone policy. This is the first time since APRIL that I was able to take my sister to the park instead of my mom taking her. Hopefully fof can get the 2nd train running soon. I'm glad the issue happened on the media preview day and not today. Overall, I think winterfest this year (despite the cuts) will be the strong suit!
  5. I think I'm understanding the new strategy. Keep most exclusive items off the dining plan to entice people into buying them and / or get regular food to improve efficiently.
  6. Pinch me if I'm dreaming but I believe the chaperone policy is not a thing (at least for Winterfest). I can only find 1 mention of its existence on the site. The web banner on the home page was removed too.
  7. My Galaxy Z Fold 3 got it the day it was announced. It works well on the foldable screen. The only thing that looks concerning is that you may need to make an account to add passes onto the app. This is something you are able to do on the old app.
  8. Despite the cuts, I predict that the parking lot will be even fuller somehow this year for winterfest because that's how the gp operate for some reason.
  9. Personally, I love the bold and clean typeface and overall branding of CF, I think it's the more mature looking style that feels like it's more serious than six flags. I would love to see a CF style new logo for the new company. It has the namesake of six flags but would also be a clean slate visually. If the current SF logo is used for the long term, it would be a missed opportunity and give people the feel that nothing has changed despite being a very different company. The phrase "This ain't yo daddy's six flags" comes to mind.
  10. One more thing I forgot to add. Remember last year on the 50th anniversary. The paramount era wasn't able to really be recognized due to it being heavily branded. What if we go 20-30 years in the future and get sold off. Those years may never really be able to be as historically recognized due to branding issues. I would hate a 100 year anniversary to have holes due to the park name and licensed characters (DC in particular).
  11. I hope the six flags name isn't leaned into. It would be great to un-six flags the parks and bring back their previous names (except the OG six flags over Texas park). I think it would be wiser to see six flags as the corporate owner and operator of the parks rather than the namesake. Branding and identity of parks should be individual just like how we don't see "Cedar Fair Kings Island". Most people can look at the park and say that they loved or hate the park. Things like season pass advertising and the in park shopping bags that tell you what parks are affiliated are the best way to inform the consumer that "there's more to this than just Kings Island!". That's how I found out about amusement parks other than coney and ki without adding more complexity to ki branding. It allows ki to be it'self and not be an advert of the CF company, there are other means of advertising it which work!
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