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  1. the whole thing seemed cool, but WAY too dependent on live actors, Pretty much knew this had a limited lifespan the day it opened based on the high overhead.
  2. So true. Or it will be reported by every OTHER site then they can just copy and paste.
  3. When you see that overhead shot you realize what a mess that whole area is. The awful transition along a service fence, the inferior restrooms that are essentially two undersized buildings that should’ve been razed and rebuilt as a really nice family friendly facility, the service area that used to be a relaxing transition vine tunnel “ bypass” of the kids area. If they want to compete with Dollywood and Wildwood grove, they needed to go all in on this refresh and actually improve amenities that enhance the overall family experience
  4. It does need lights and a more controlled (wind) environment. Unfortunately the KI Theatre and Festhaus are the only two venues, and there are a few “bubbles from above” moments that wouldn’t work in a food environment. Wish there was 1 more indoor venue (or finally “semi enclose” Showplace). Would provide more options in summer gear AND Winterfest chill.
  5. Actually Dollywood has (sadly) had it quite a few years now as part of their Summer Celebration.
  6. It really does need to be indoors due to wi d and the need for darkness for lighting/lasers. It’s too big for the Peanuts Showplace and as others have pointed out the bubbles and food wouldn’t mix, so I guess that only gives us what we’ve got. Sucks though. Maybe something great will go in Festhaus and Showplace to make up for it (but why do I doubt that as I type it?)
  7. Great idea. That’s actually using corporate synergy in a smart way, so it will never happen. This bubble show feels like something at a really impressive trade show. I’ve seen at Dollywood and thought “what a waste of a great theatre” and here we are again. It’s pretty cool, but it just doesn’t need to be in the “main” theatre.
  8. Agree. And maybe by concentrating efforts, we could see a more robust offering than the skimpy event we got last year.
  9. What a waste of a fully capable theatre. I feel the same way about the one at Dollywood as well. It could go in Festhaus and be better in that you can’t really focus on anything in there anyway. I’m feeling like this might be the last year for KI passes for a while. Really not liking the way things are heading.
  10. Love them personally, but re-rideability is bad for story based attractions. At a regional park with a huge regularly revisiting customer base, I think you would see dwindling numbers fast. I don’t think you could make a compelling enough argument (unfortunately) for these types of attractions. Just look at the maintenance on the story-based elements they have for rides. After the first season or two, when most of their core market has “heard the story” they let all of those elements slide into disuse and just focus on the ride.
  11. Cheap, pre printed bulk t shirts are WAY cheaper than labor regardless of what the initial outlay is. Plus it’s not like it’s volatile stock that can’t carry over year to year. Totally get your idea, and I think it’s cool, but I don’t think the metrics would make sense for them.
  12. I love the contortions places will go through to try to work their name or what they are into things. ZOOLunimation is weird to say... but kinda fun!
  13. while it would look cool, they'd get too soggy with rain to really be comfortable for seating - plus by Winterfest, half of them have either rotted, sprouted, or fallen apart into piles of straw.
  14. I try to not be too harsh, but when they are on trees that got new lights, or buildings that had decor changes 2x (haunt and WintefFest) it might not be lazy, but it certainly wasn’t thorough. All in fun anyway.
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