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  1. thats JIm Lahey,, from TPB lol have youe ver seen that show?
  2. no its quick service so like one window with seating on both sides
  3. its quick service with seating on both sides
  4. Yeah tons of photos i didnt post. Right by Linus's Launchers they are doing stained concrete. They also painted those bathrooms Brown. Its going to look really good once its all done.
  5. https://www.fyecoasters.net/post/camp-snoopy-construction-tour-april-14th-2024
  6. sounds like a good RMC lift hill lol
  7. It all depends how many times i go a year, i usually go at least 1 time so then i get it so i know i can ride everything.
  8. Who remembers this tour @DonHelbig did for the blog readers at the time. I believe this was the last tour given.
  9. that might be true but its also Cedar Point were talking about. You know how Tony Clark is!
  10. lol good eye, its still on there too haha
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