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  1. Sally Signs Deal To Create Care Bears Dark Ride Im 100% think this would be Awesome. krides.com/animatronic/care-bears Great addition for any Park.
  2. I would hope they add a plaque as a Coney Island ride moved up to Kings Mills
  3. The good gravy que building is incredibly themed
  4. A closure of the Park that started it all. To next chapter, sure its closing but atleast it was around for a while after Kings Island.
  5. Interesting find in Ely Nv in the Prospector hotel. Knotts berry farm.
  6. Incredible addition for O H I O, N Farm fun. Youngs adding a Carousel. https://youngsdairy.com/carousel/?utm_source=Birthday+List&utm_campaign=391b2bca68-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_01_07_07_47_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_7134c86c06-391b2bca68-39720670&mc_cid=391b2bca68&mc_eid=81a6ce9f2e
  7. Oh what about something like this. https://amusementtoday.com/2023/08/sally-dark-rides-celebrates-the-opening-of-the-whispering-pines-haunted-hotel-at-funtown-splashtown/ Plus with the know how of Knotts Cedar Fair could really up the tear round dark riden Yes ki is a lucky park with boo blasters the flight if fear n such. A renovated flught if fear a 2nd year round dark ride us not out of reach.
  8. Maybe eventually The suster park dollywood would get a new addition similar. Great news for silver dollar city.
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