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  1. I guess they will keep Lake Como and Moonlight gardens yes things change we do not shop like we did, we see lil mom n pop parks not making it thriving striving much less surviving. To Coney Island that gave us 1972 to 2023 giving us 5 decades more ( that did not have to happen, even when most of the park was bull dozed n moved after 71. Change is the Constant in life . Bigger is not always better, shiny vs what we loved and our Cherished memories, the good-times,gone by we cannot dwell, tomorrow is not guranteed. Embrace the change move forward. With Belterra Racino maybe a Hotel to come we do have a Constant in Coney redevelopment Mighty Ohio River n flooding. Imagine if the Apple Grove never became Coney , till 1900 & 71was the pinnacle of the Vision Mission and Passion that Walt Disney came to see for himself. Then later; Coney Island seen Disney for the new Park n Kings Mill project and the rest is history.
  2. Coney fate sealed long ago when the Wach family visioned Kings mills Ohio. Imagine no Kings Island Cincinnati may have still has several small parks. But without that vision to build north who knows what today in The Triad state area of In OH n KY been. To Coney's new owners yes, the loss of Sunlite pool is huge, but look what Coney became, today just north of where it all began.
  3. more dark rides too.... n Snoopy expansion keep it going.
  4. https://www.southernliving.com/dollywood-tennessee-amusement-park-8559025
  5. A knotts type Mrs knotts chicken n comfort food insude n outside park entance where intl street was n year round. 2 mire dark rides
  6. Sally Signs Deal To Create Care Bears Dark Ride Im 100% think this would be Awesome. krides.com/animatronic/care-bears Great addition for any Park.
  7. I would hope they add a plaque as a Coney Island ride moved up to Kings Mills
  8. The good gravy que building is incredibly themed
  9. A closure of the Park that started it all. To next chapter, sure its closing but atleast it was around for a while after Kings Island.
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