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  1. Not related to T3 but related to KK in general, GOCC will be having an event there on June 29th (last Saturday in June). No further details have been released yet. https://www.greatohiocc.org/event-5668795
  2. Last month Mattel announced plans to build Mattel Adventure Park in Bonner Springs, Kansas (about 21 miles west of Kansas City), with a proposed opening date of 2026. Residents near the site of the proposed park however say current roads won't be able to handle the traffic: https://www.kctv5.com/2024/04/10/it-would-not-be-good-time-neighbors-proposed-amusement-park-warn-roads-cant-support-traffic/
  3. I'm glad to see Dorney finally getting a new ride and am looking forward to experiencing it when I visit again in July. With Hershey and Great Adventure both being within 90 minutes of Dorney, it's nice to see them getting the spotlight instead of just the other two big parks.
  4. According to coasterstudios on X (Twitter), FunSpot Orlando has hinted at a possible RMC Raptor coming in a reply to one of their TikTok videos (I don't have TikTok so feel free to find the video/source if you do). https://x.com/coasterstudios/status/1774089364848427412
  5. I read somewhere a while back that they do plan to save Moonlite Gardens. As much as people love to hate MEMI and/or CSO for this, it isn't their fault at all. This wouldn't be happening if the previous owners of the property hadn't decided to sell it to begin with. They were even selling season passes right up until the announcement of the sale was made, and have conveniently remained silent on this issue ever since (easier to let a big corporation and the city's beloved symphony orchestra take the blame I guess).
  6. This looks like a blast. Too bad it's an 11-hour drive from Cincinnati. https://www.facebook.com/AdventurelandLongIsland/videos/2354619734722508
  7. One advantage Carowinds has over KI is that they actually have a decent concert venue - the Paladium has individual seats and is covered.
  8. I'll probably end up buying a pass for Six Flags Great Adventure this year. It's $115 for a pass, which would get me free parking and admission both days I plan to be there in July, saving me a significant amount of money (the current price for a good-any-day single-day ticket is $70, so a pass would already save me $25 over the cost of buying two single-day tickets, and that's not counting the $50+ in parking fees over the course of two days)
  9. It's great to see Herschend and the fair board working so hard to breathe some fresh life into that park. It'll be interesting to see what else they do in the coming years.
  10. I'm going to find time to get up there as well. I haven't been in a while.
  11. I'm hoping word will get around to the model railroad enthusiasts as a whole (not just locally). While there might not be a model railroad enthusiast with the kind of money and experience needed for purchasing and running this place, hopefully there's someone out there who knows someone they could partner with to do it. It's going to take more than a single person buying the place to keep it running since the two people who know most about it are retiring
  12. I've never heard of Rain-Bo so I'd imagine that company isn't around anymore
  13. I'd love German food in Festhaus. An Izzy's franchise would be great too (for those who aren't local, Izzy's is a Cincinnati-area chain of sandwich shops particularly famous for their Reubens)
  14. Could close at the end of this year if a buyer isn't found... https://local12.com/news/local/iconic-cincinnati-family-destination-faces-closure-clsoing-entertrainment-junction-west-chester-train-display
  15. Apparently Dizzy Disk has been replaced with tables and chairs. While places to sit and eat were needed in that part of the park, I can't understand why they suddenly removed a popular (and fun) ride. Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=911413277658674&set=a.615623510570987
  16. I rode Skyrush twice during my two-day visit to Hershey in 2018. Both times I was so stapled by the end of the ride that my thighs were hurting badly and I couldn't wait to get off. I was planning to skip it during my upcoming visit in July but now I'm looking forward to riding it again. Unfortunately I'll only be doing one day at Hershey this time but I'm still hoping to hit all the coasters and maybe this will make the wait for Wildcat's Revenge shorter
  17. KI did this last year for at least two ride combos - FoF/Orion, Flying Ace/Woodstock Gliders and I believe Diamondback/Mystic Timbers as well. Not surprised to see it expanding.
  18. I may have to wander down that way to check this out, though given my typical 6-day work week that time of year it'll probably be January before I make it down there. This will give Louisville at least 2 major holiday events (the other being Lights Under Louisville). It'll be interesting to see what kind of a draw this ends up having.
  19. Pro tip... When pasting stuff from other sites, paste it as plain text (CTRL+Shift+V or right-click -> paste as plain text). It's hard to read that text in the quote above in dark mode.
  20. I haven't seen the Dollywood show so I'll have to go look it up on YouTube. I miss the Cirque shows though and wish they'd bring those back
  21. I've been to Dollywood three times (two days in 2022 and one day last year) and haven't really stopped for any of the shows. I need to change that next time I get down there (don't know if I'll make it down there this year since I'm doing a big trip during the summer).
  22. From what I understand, COVID got in the way of the project.
  23. Here you go @IndyGuy4KI. https://theparkwholesale.com/products/richardson-112-classic-premium-trucker-hat-snapback-all-colors-1
  24. I've been laughing at all the people complaining about this policy. I definitely think it's a good idea for crowd/line management, though I am wondering how they will enforce it. Also, 10 days at CP would drive me nuts. I usually do two or three days and I'm good. Even when visiting new parks I typically only do one or two days (two days for the first time at bigger parks, one day for smaller/less-busy parks like Knoebels and Dorney)
  25. If they actually reopen the rides next year I might have to make a special trip up there to snag the two coaster credits while I can. It's not too far of a drive from here (about 6 hours as I recall) and being within 2 hours of Pittsburgh I could hit Idlewild and Kennywood while I'm in the area.
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