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  1. Was there a noticeable increase in the amount of lights this weekend?
  2. Big Bear Mountain and Dragonflier are both able to operate at Dollywood during their Christmas event. I know they are different ride types but same ride manufacturer. The trains on Big Bear will be almost the exact same on SSBR. I know Silver Dollar City operates almost all of their coasters as well. Including Outlaw Run and Time Traveler.
  3. Mystic Timbers is currently a 90 minute wait. Is it on one train ops as well? This further confirms my thought that we need more coasters open at WinterFest. Hopefully Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers will be able to run at this time of year in 2024.
  4. It’s too bad they had to go with the over the shoulder restraints vs the lap bar. I have heard the over the shoulder restraints are really painful.
  5. Now here is a tough question. In your opinion, does the next coaster that goes in The Vortex plot of land have to pay homage in some way to Vortex?
  6. Called it in my 2024 wishlist thread. Glad to finally have two completely smooth sides next year! I just hope they paint it red white and blue otherwise that is going to look really weird.
  7. Hmmm. No, I have an iPhone. The new app design came in the Winterfest update for the app. Maybe try re loading the AppStore again to see if it will show up?
  8. I received an update for my Carowinds app yesterday and it comes with a new app design. I have to say it’s really nice and clean. The new updated map look makes it really easy to find anything on the map. I hope other CF parks roll out this new design as well. The only problem is on the sign in page I can’t scroll down or exit the keyboard to click on log in. If any of you have had the chance to check it out let me know what you think.
  9. I must have missed them lol. I imagine they will make a lot of money with single use FL at TT2 next year if they decide to add one.
  10. Did any other parks in the CF chain offer single use FL like KI did this year? I saw them at Orion/Flight of Fear and Diamondback/Mystic Timbers but I didn’t see any at Cedar Point this year.
  11. Hopefully we’ll notice a difference in the lights amount and it doesn’t just look like the same amount in previous years. I’m glad that Sol Spin and Cargo Loco will be open this Winterfest! I’m curious why Adventure Express won’t be open though. That would be such a cool experience to ride it with all of those lights. I hope that Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers will be open next Winterfest. It would add up more to our winter coaster collection. I don’t see why not when Big Bear Mountain and Dragonflier will both be open for Smoky Mountain Christmas down at Dollywood.
  12. Lots of work going on today. The concrete path is complete that will travel underneath Flying Ace. Footer work is definitely underway. I can’t wait for Winterfest to get a better look!
  13. Personally I would like one but not as our next coaster. Maybe a couple coasters then this. The next one we need has to have true inversions and the axis doesn’t.
  14. I don’t know which thread to put this question in so I guess I will here. Does anyone know if every member of your party has to be a member of a coaster club for CoasterStock? I can’t remember. Thank you in advance.
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