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  1. Visited the park this Saturday, didn't see any further changes to the SOB station, but here's another glamour shot for everyone anyways
  2. doesnt really means anything in regards to production though, they likely did have all the production files ready and then canned it and used the funds paid to B&M already towards Orion. Financially its a win for B&M they got paid, they got to design a ride thats fully on paper is ready to go and be produced for any park that may want it. And Cedar Fair got Orion in return
  3. that seems likely, my stab at it is that either B&M and/or the manufacture plant uses those designations to coincide with an internal filing structure they use, so its possible IMO that financially Orion is CGA's hyper/giga, and they skipped a letter because, had they used S for Orion (when the project was transitioned into Orion) that reference may has led employees to files/information to the canceled CGA project, so the letter T was used as its next and could/would refer only to the Orion project files. manufacturing codes are weird, coming from someone whos worked in large CNC operations, sometimes it means everything, sometimes it means nothing. But that's my guess, probably is nothing more than what they had to do to make sure employees manufacturing parts don't make the wrong ones lmao
  4. wonder what date exactly these photos came from, 2008 season was the first year i got to ride SOB finally, even without the loop i loved it. Heres hoping for more giant rose bowls on wooden coasters!
  5. the biggest factors that have me leaning this direction, are if the park had this in the works for some time, prior to Vortex being removed or right in that jumbled mess, (man the pandemic really made a mess of things lol), since if I'm remembering correctly Firehawk was down and work had already begun on Orion at that time, its not out of the realm of possibility IMO that things may have been already moving on usage for SOB plot of land and then it was found that Vortex was going to kick the bucket. seeing what happened with Canada's wonderland and the postponement of Yukon Striker and the originally planned project moving to Cedar Point. Makes me want to think that maybe one or more manufacturers had already been selected and or begun work, for an addition to this area, and it didn't make fiscal sense to have the project moved to another park, or something of the like, so instead its been postponed until now'ish (because we all know no manufacturer is gonna complain about taking money from a amusement business and holding onto it for a while lmao) i mean technically speaking isnt Orion the giga that was originally for CGA? or something?? if so its also not entirely impossible to think that the park has wanted to make movement in the SOB area even prior to Orion, and the whole Vortex/Firehawk mess sparked that movement, pushing those plans to 2023, and then pandemic/top thrill dragster, caused another push to 2025?
  6. pretty much where my heads at, I dont want to start counting my chickens just yet, but this has been a very exciting "development", especially with the consideration of some of the other factors at play here, and potential teasers
  7. good catch here about some teasing done in the newish FOF theming, something is really telling me 2023 was not intended to be an "off" year (yes obviosuly we got A.P. but maybe we got A.P. because 2023 was pushed to 25? and this is one of the electric boxes that was flagged in 2020, right next to the gate that i caught being wide open lol makes me wonder if they werent entierely just burying lines and cleaning things up, but were also reconnecting some services. (posted by Gforce1994 on august 13, 2020)
  8. This is what i posted in the previous thread: "So, its not really anything scarily important, and I totally didn't even ever think to mention it here until now, but I visited the park with a group of friends on October 17th this year, when being curious and checking out the SOB area, the original entrance plaza and the ramp entrance that leads to the station that usually has a padlocked gate was just kind of wide open, padlock off the gate, gate wide open, didn't even cross my mind to get a photo of it because when I saw it open I immediately found a park employee to inform them that it was just open. My best guess is whoever is/was doing that survey work relating to the station left the gate open accidentally, the employee closed the gate after they saw it though So yeah, nothing serious but I figured you all would get a kick out of it lol" this was back in 2020 so very likely to not be related, but, who knows maybe they did some minor preliminary assessment and then chess pieces got shuffled internally by Cedar Fair corporate, and any project that was planned there/beginning to be planned was pushed to this year, before being pushed again, and that's why we got adventure port this year last minute. kind of fits the whole "two years out" trend, wouldn't be insane to think the park was doing some preliminary/tertiary infrastructure work while that water line project was happening (if they have crews out why not have them do all the work you'll need done in the near future), and then things got reshuffled and the work they had crews doing while they were potentially out there anyways, and any project that this potential preliminary/tertiary work was related to just hasnt kicked up again until now. also kind of makes sense that we were seeing outpost five "teasers" and references at Cedar Point around the time this work was being done, and how now with Adventure port, we've seen more southern yellow pine, and outpost references once again (along with that RMC outpost 5 tweet lol) I know if your search through this thread there are a few more posts mentioning seeing work being done on the SOB station, but who knows. I do know these speculation threads are super fun
  9. lights being back on is odd, idk if im remembering incorrectly but i had thought therounded dome station lights havent been one/had power for some time. i made a post in the semi recent past, as i was at the park and saw people walking around and messing with the electrical, maybe they were reconnecting services in preparation to do this, rather than disconnecting them. Totally couldve been unrelated too, Im gonna track my post about it down and repost here
  10. WOW, absolutely impressed! this retheme is exactly the kind of reserved but effective theming Cedar Fair parks need to strive for and should continue to invest in! curious how many "outpost" and "southern yellow pine" references, clearly management still knows what the community loves lol
  11. maybe potentially legalities too in having a live feed on contractors working, dunno but it wouldn't surprise me if they don't want to be shown working on a live feed
  12. am I insane or is that totally a cat?
  13. yeah, we have a TCU as well which brings is about 9,000 cap, so its not as if bands that would benefit from a venue the capacity Timberwolf is dont come through, just curious i guess, seems it more likely this would've happened by now, that as it is, not having happened. its not like theyre going to force KI into anything either, they can piecemeal decide which shows theyd be willing to host at timberwolf, although it does come with the caveat of not being able to book anything from AEG honestly the biggest thing KI would benefit from if they wanted to properly take use of the venue space is to add some actual permanent greenrooms/administrative management space and improve the backstage area with a proper enclosed dock and loading bay probably should repave the whole seating section too, and no one likes benches lol when i visited for the Berlin concert recently i realized how much untapped potential KI has with timberwolf, a really sick venue (given some real TLC) with the huge selling point of being attached to Kings Island
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