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  1. I thought someone said it was 30ft deep relative to the midway between Rivertown and Coney Mall but I’m not entirely sure
  2. How are parks going to be prioritized. A lot of Cedar Fair fans, and YouTubers like to use the three tier system to categorize how Cedar Fair prioritizes their properties: Kings Island is always in the top tier. With that being said, how do you think this merger well recategorize prioritization? Is there going to be a top eight instead of a top four? Or something else?
  3. I still don’t understand the argument that Orion isn’t a giga, if you’re standing at the base of drop, its 300ft tall..
  4. To shift discussion a bit: Which current Six Flags park is the most like Cedar Fair? Which current Cedar Fair park is the most like Six Flags?
  5. I-305 could be rebranded to DC, same with FoF and BLSC
  6. Here’s my theory for what’s going to happen in the Mid Atlantic market. The chain is going to liquidate Six Flags America and shift their focus onto Kings Dominion which will become a test park. You will start to see WB IPs emerge such as Looney Tunes and possible DC. If they see significant positive feedback from guests, that’ll give them the green light to move ahead with other parks. That’s just my thought process
  7. How soon will we see noticeable changes at the parks? Will Six Flags parks receive Peanuts World Wide LLC IP? Will we see certain parks rebrand- Six Flags Dominion, Illinois Great America, etc? Will there be any parks that are practically not changed? Will there be any parks that are sold off or torn down completely?
  8. I don’t think it isn’t popular, I just don’t think it’s right for us. If they had a whole park themed to Batman: The Animated Series- I’d be there. The modern DC films just don’t seem to be getting any footing and I think that can hurt a brand like Six Flags/ Cedar Fair. I’m not a fan of established IPs in most parks anyway unless it’s in a kids area, I favor originality.
  9. I hope they don’t use it. If Action Zone has to be rebranded then so be it but that’s the extent. While I enjoy Batman, I’m not really a huge fan of DC.
  10. I argue their dated because a lot of the elements that they feature are not included in today’s television. You can’t show Elmer Fudd trying to shoot Bugs Bunny anymore, or Wiley coyote getting flattened like a pancake, etc. I think a lot of the elements that made the Looney Tunes memorable has since faded where Peanuts has stayed pretty consistent. From a family friendly aspect, Peanuts are a superior IP than Looney Tunes.
  11. The Looney Tunes unfortunately lost their luster in the 2000s imo. Peanuts are more timeless and I argue more family friendly- there’s certainly aspects of the Looney Tunes that have become somewhat dated. DC has kinda flopped because their live action films have no direction. There was a time when Warner Brothers dominated and Looney Tunes and DC both thrived but those times have passed. I don’t think it would be wise to implement their IPs across the chain, maybe select parks as testing grounds.
  12. Red is Six Flags Yellow is Cedar Fair From this map, you get a really good look at where things might go from here once things get finalized. There is certainly a lot of overlap in California, the Mid-Atlantic/East Coast, and even the Northeast. Some parks I think could coexist like Magic Mountain and Knott’s. Discovery Kingdom will eventually be the only park in the Bay Area once CGA’s lease is up. Then you have Dorney and Great Adventure in the NYC/Jersey/Philly market that seems to overlap as well as Six Flags America and Kings Dominion overlapping in the Maryland/Virginia market. One can make the assumption that Six Flags America might be liquidated and Dorney could potentially be sold off down the road.
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