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  1. With the FUN SIX merger, I’d like to think that Magic Mountain would be a candidate for a post merger giga. I’m still holding out hope for a Busch Gardens Tampa giga with the rate SEAS is installing B&Ms in Florida.
  2. I personally don’t think the GP will look at a Giga Dive and go “oh great, another B&M.”
  3. A lot of my missed opportunities are thematic: Why wasn’t Woodstock Express painted yellow in the first place?- it would’ve had a double meaning as Woodstock himself is yellow and that was the coaster’s original scheme when it was Scooby Doo. Why wasn’t BLSC rebranded to Greater Cincinnati? When ownership changed hands, it would’ve been cool to see Cincinnati type billboards instead of having it themed to Hollywood- even the license plates on the train still say “California.” Why were the dinosaurs in Dinosaurs Alive all gray? I understand this was a product of Dinosaurs Unearthed but I feel like having all the dinosaurs be close to the same color probably got boring for kids after a while. I understand accuracy is an element to education but we have no clue what exact colors dinosaurs were… they could’ve gotten creative with some of them- the Columbus Zoo was able to do it: https://www.columbuszoo.org/blog/dinosaur-island-returns-extinction
  4. Mine certainly isn’t the “biggest” but it was low hanging fruit: not overhauling Action Zone around Banshee’s debut. When Invertigo was repainted in 2012 they could’ve called it Screamin Demon to set the overhaul in motion. They also could’ve repainted Drop Tower to reflect the eerie feel they were trying to accomplish with Banshee/The Bat. Like I said, it’s not the biggest missed opportunity but it was a missed opportunity nonetheless.
  5. Paramount was not shy about putting cloned rides across their parks, but their decisions on which park got what was….inconsistent. So the question has to be asked: why? Was KI considered for a Hurler?- why did Paramount decide to put a Hurler clone in two of their parks that were in neighboring states? By that logic why didn’t they give Carowinds an IJ:ST clone?- was that the plan down the road? I could go on.
  6. From what I gather, the Invertigo model was extremely popular amongst roller coaster enthusiasts compared to the original sit down version, so naturally only 4 were ever built… I’m kind of surprised we haven’t seen a modern version of the Invertigo model with new track and vest restraints.
  7. I’m honestly surprised they’re still keeping Vortex around.
  8. I always wondered if Top Thrill 2 and Iron Menace would’ve even been projects to consider post FUN/SIX merger as opposed to pre merger like what had actually happened. Thoughts?
  9. I love Hanna Barbera but aside from Scooby Doo, there has hardly been any exposure anymore to warrant a comeback.
  10. With Coney Island management wanting to build a larger park elsewhere, was Northern Kentucky ever considered when finding a new place to build the larger park we know today as “Kings Island?”
  11. Lionel can always make models based off of any Crown locomotive since they’re all 4-4-0s
  12. You make a good point. The only thing I can think of that would amend that would be changing stories-similar to how Chuck E Cheese used to change out their shows with different music back in the day; but even then you’d have to update the show nearly every other season to keep it fresh.
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