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  1. Guys, you never believed that Joey Drew Studios made a april fools prank with our name in the front. (Credits goes to them and 09dollface on Reddit.)
  2. They can tied it in with the River Town lore about a struggling action movie studio looking for new recruits for the movie bases around The Beast legend. Also added the Zodiac auto company logo in the car, and changing the settings to Cincinnati.
  3. I saw that the circular Planet Snoopy sign is gone now, it's going to be replace by Camp Snoopy waterfall or sign.
  4. But I can tell you one thing that we can actually be great about, Madhouse possibility.
  5. We now got a modern Vekoma in the park now! Now can we have a Madhouse next year please?
  6. Yes, now they only have to build the theming structures and repaint Woodstock Air Rail
  7. Now add both of the retheme ride with new fences and even props, you get something that looks like Camp Snoopy at Knott's
  8. The answer will probably be no. Six Flags will keep their I.P. in their park, and Cedar Fair will keep their as well. Also with Warner Brothers Discover crumbling down and probably go bankrupt. Six Flags have to choose to keep their I.P. or move on.
  9. If only In-N-Out is moving east. Nor Five Guys finding a place to have it. Nor NOR Cedar Fair soon to be Six Flags like creating original theme and restaurant.
  10. The restaurant chains I would like to see in Kings Island that have Ohio origins within them. Like CityBird, Montgomery inn, even The Pub.
  11. Kings Island shouldn't have Six Flags theming into that park. Beside, Cedar Fair is running the business. Also It's best not to include other IP base outside of Cedar Fair. Let the Peanuts ride the og 11 Cedar Fair Parks, and Six Flags with DC and Looney Tunes.
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