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  1. Because they don't know what they're talking about because the training KI gives sucks. I'll take my personal experience with how CF's ticketing system works over what a teenage cashier at a third-party operated restaurant said.
  2. No, there can only one valid drink plan per pass, and regardless of which one the associate chooses the system automatically uses the product that's valid. The "duplicate" ones seem to have to do with the option they have the first couple times they get a drink of whether to switch from paper cup to plastic cup or vice versa.
  3. I'm fairly sure most of the other rides at KI don't require the seatbelts to be wrapped around the lapbar in empty seats like Timbers does, so it wouldn't take up that extra time on those rides.
  4. It's the definition of wanting to have your cake and eat it too- wanting to go to the park constantly but also complaining about every little thing, instead of not going somewhere that clearly upsets them so much like a normal person. See also: any thread having to do with food.
  5. I guess I must spend more time enjoying the rides than I do playing fashion police.
  6. This happens every year. Must have been a slow news day.
  7. I kept expecting it to happen since I didn't expect Tom and Chee to stay, and that spot is the perfect spot for lockers, but oh well.
  8. Hopefully if they do, it'll be paired with Diamondback finally requiring a locker instead of people fiddling with their loose items for 5min while the trains are stacking.
  9. It would really help if fewer people treated the park as a cafeteria, you'd be amazed how many people go only to use their dining plan.
  10. Thank goodness the tank of gas or whatever is used for the fire didn't explode, since it seems like they were rather unprepared for the possibility of a float that uses fire catching on fire...
  11. I think last year Snoopy Grill had them.
  12. The old benches from Peanuts Playhouse have been sitting out by the train platform in the woods on KIMVRR, maybe that's what they're putting in Enchanted Theater?
  13. Panda seems to have reduced the number of available entrees, there were some covered up with duct tape on the menu boards.
  14. Even Disney's doesn't. You can't use their dining plans with the app ordering and you can't use any sort of discount either.
  15. It's been listed before too, it's because they list it as a location for group events.
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