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  1. Keep in mind, Orion will only be 57 feet taller than Diamondback, not to mention Diamondback sits slightly higher than Orion.
  2. Itll be different with the smaller trees on I-Street. I'm excited for the New Years Eve party. Last year was a blast!
  3. I guess it's one of those hard calls where you either risk making guests mad that you are closing early or risk guests getting mad that rides get closed down early, with nothing else to do. You also know, Ohio weather can change quickly. lol I think they made the right call also.
  4. When did I say it would be with a firearm?
  5. Alright. I'll edit my comment to reflect that and you should change your comment so it isnt assumed. You clearly dont know the laws. @PilotDudecan explain the laws better than I can, but yeah. Any UAV above any property is considered trespassing. So, I am taking this webcam thing too seriously, but you commenting on it as well isnt? Hypocritical indeed.
  6. Ah! I didn't say the FAA rules. I said Kings Island rules. So, yes, you dont follow their policy of no drones. Now, if I was a homeowner there, I would be happy to shoot your little drone out of the sky, as that is technically trespassing. You are silly. Btw, thought you werent going to keep arguing?
  7. You said it yourself. And planes have completely different rules than drones.
  8. He claims he doesnt fly his drone directly over the park, so I'm removing my original comment. Well, that's contrary to what you have stated before. Uhh. That's the point of this thread... See? That is a valid point. You get a cookie! If you didnt "really care", you wouldnt still be here arguing... Walmart has public cameras? You must be one of them Walmart enthusiasts I've heard of, to know if they have public cameras. I mean, they have explained why they removed SoB(no brainer),Firehawk(end of service life) and Vortex(end of service life).So, what is your argument?
  9. @spooky21 Maybe if the park would come out and state exactly why the cams have been down for so long, we wouldnt be asking questions and stating "incorrect information".
  10. Yes, because everyone who watched the webcams was also on KIC to read this "Official Statement"... oh lord.
  11. We arnt freaking out. We are simply questioning the whole narrative the park is telling us.
  12. You missed my last post. Do you know how to read? Super funny. You guys come to a rant thread to complain about the rant in the said rant thread... LoL
  13. So, by that logic, even the park coming out and saying "For the safety of our crew, we are turning the webcams off for a week" would be fine by us. But nothing yet.
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