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  1. I do not know why you are saying I do not care about Train Q&A or Banshee walkback or how my post could be negative at all. You are just trying to twist my words and put words in my mouth. I said I would prefer any and all walkbacks, Q%A's, photo/video Opportunities to not being during coaster ERT. This is Coasterstock after all. We are here first and foremost for getting extra ride time on coasters outside of park normal operating hours. Everything else ideally should be during normal operating hours when the park gets busy. It gives us things to do instead of standing in long lines. I do not know why you think discussing opinions about the event 2 weeks before is not okay. Especially when one has attended before and sorta knows what to expect. 2 weeks is plenty of time to adjust and alter the schedule and maybe add things like the overlooked Adventure Express that you and Indyguy do not seem to care about. It is the 30th after all and the park spent all that time and money to fix all the old effects that were not working for 2019. Also in regards to your park enthusiasts vs coaster enthusiasts Why is one better than the other. What is wrong with being a coaster enthusiast? Is that not why we buy tickets to things like Coasterstock? Would not my statement about caring about park history and riding everything old and quirky aka dark rides and log flumes qualify me as your so called higher tier park enthusiast anyways? I said the schedule is a good one in my first post and in my second I thanked Don for addressing every point except one. So how am I being negative? I just do not see it. Indy guys "You just can not please everybody" was aimed at me and that was not really nice or fair either.
  2. I want to thank Don for replying to my comment and for addressing all my points except Adventure Express. I honestly did not think of covid being the reason for no indoor walkthroughs. Since Dewine choose to end all restrictions a couple weeks ago I sometimes forget things are not completely back to pre covid conditions. We are close but not quite there. At least in Ohio we are. Lights on for Flight of Fear a unique experience and something everybody should do. However early in this season the ride was running with all lights on for some reason anyways. I have no idea why. I would probably do it again if it was morning ERT but I really love my night rides more than anything else so I will probably run around and ride everything outside. Maybe even ride Antique cars for the first time. I absolutely do care about things like Grand Carousel. I love riding old rides and celebrating and learning the history of them. Every time I walk into a park I have never been to I try to ride every log flume, dark ride, fun house, skyride etc. Everything old and quirky and rare I love to try and ride at least once. The exception is some spinny flat rides make me dizzy and I tend to avoid those.
  3. Some things to note here. I am not crazy about how the Train Q&A and our Banshee walkback is during morning ERT. Where is the love for Adventure Express? No ERT at all? I would love some 30th anniversary rides with all the effects running at night for ERT. Who thought Flight of Fear night ERT was a great idea and where is the tour of the spaghetti bowl? ERT on that should be during the day because well the ride is indoors. Why would I ever want to ride it at night? There is no Haunt house walk through either. 2 years ago we had a lights on walk through Slaughterhouse. A lights on walk through of Kill Mart would be so amazing. But overall good itinerary.
  4. If it is anything like Dollywood cinnamon bread it completely sucks when it sits too long and gets cold. Eat it fresh and hot or not at all. I am guessing hardly anybody knows it is there and maybe it even needs to be elsewhere. I just hope it isn't a sign of a canceled Winterfest.
  5. The Beast opened in 1979 last time I checked and since the park opened in 1972 I can't figure out what 45th anniversary you are referring to? The Beast was celebrating 40 years in 2019 when they brought the foot prints back.
  6. Look at Disney to see what an increase in pass and add ons do. It just keeps the people out who can not afford it. Sure it leaves a lot of the low income and riff raff out but according to some nasty facebook and reddit arguments I see those people deserve to get to go just as much as anyone else. So other than increasing prices slowly to adjust for inflation I do not know what the right answer is.
  7. At this point anybody that does not get a vaccine it is on them. Right or wrong it is their choice and so is any effects like catching Covid.
  8. The pandemic is pretty much over. All the restrictions have been lifted in this state and many other. Should be the same in Canada but it isn't. Most of it was just the media trying to spread fear anyways.At this point everybody just needs to get over this stuff and live their lives. Keeping things shut is doing more harm than good. Also in regards to dealing with a "pandemic" it should be my right as an American to choose which one is more important. Should be my right whether or not to wear a mask and most of those were taken away in 2020. When things started opening up in June 2020 I started traveling and went to the amusement parks that were opening. You only live once so enjoy it. I also thought KIC members were over this whole debate and I think if they were not they were advised to not let it be known or stir the pot anymore. Since you think we all should still live in a cave with bubble wrap and you look down from your ivory tower at anyone actually enjoying life, I advise you pack up and leave this forum. The whole Covid is so bad we need to stay home and wear masks and live in fear thing was beat to death a year ago.
  9. I have no idea why you are so offended or what I even ignored. My last quote was not quoting you. It was someone in these here King's Island forums telling us to get our reservations in quick because they are filling up fast. Last I checked King's Island is in Ohio which is in the good old USA which is below your closed border. Which you seem to think is beneath you and the cause of Covid and all your problems. It is time you get off you high horse. I paid for a platinum in 2019 and I can not use it for one of the parks I bought it for.
  10. Indiana Beach uses outside vendors for most food stands and shops so they do not really have to make sure there is enough staff on hand for that. It can go to other areas like rides. Maybe this is why I thought the food in park was terrible and maybe not. I just walk across the bridge then across the parking lot, cross the road and eat and have drinks at a really yummy place called Wine and Whiskey Saloon.
  11. Don was asked this very question at Coasterstock 2019 and your answer is pretty much the one he gave. They keep track of the "miles" run on each side and try to keep it as even as they can.
  12. I am no Karen nor do I complain about everything. I do not like the insults either and I hope I never have to meet people like you face to face. I used to think this forum was better than that but it really has not been much better than a toxic facebook group ever since this Covid started last year. You are basically saying things would be better in the forum without my posts and I have had others tell me otherwise so it can not be both ways. You are saying I am unwelcome and that is okay. I am also not GP so I do not need to go and do "research" as you suggest. I know which parks are treating customers better than Cedar Fair this year and which are not. You also say you are gold and since I am platinum that means we should have completely different expectations on weather Cedar Fair is doing things right or wrong. I go to Cedar Point normally several times a year as well as King's Island and go to their Haunt too. Are 2020 access passes okay? How about the tues and wed closes this year causing the park to be overcrowded on the other 5 days? Or the fact the 2 days off causes King's Island to be packed like crazy on what is normally slow days. How about the fact that when Cedar Point runs out of reservations those guests turn to King's Island again making it fuller than it would be in 2019? Is that okay too? When I purchased my Cedar Fair platinum for 2020 I expected a 2020 Winterfest and did not get it. I planned on visiting King's Dominion for the first time in 2020 and could not. I am within 8 hours of Canada's Wonderland and wanted to visit that park for the first time. Should Cedar Fair just blame the government and do nothing about that or are there things they could have done? They might have been able to sue to open as they did in Ohio. Since I do not live in Canada I do not know how well that would work. Another option would have been refunds for all platinum holders. Another option would be to exclude Canada's Wonderland from Platinum for the foreseeable future.
  13. Why is Covid American's fault? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.
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