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  1. They respond when everything is going well.
  2. 2 platinum passes since my daughter and I were going to bgw for that new coaster that was supposed to open there(which I cannot state the name nor manufacturer)
  3. We had booked discovery cove and a Florida parks ticket package. They were still opened but with limited capacity like all other parks. Emailed them since Iron Gwazi wasn't going to open and they happily refunded us no questions asked. First of June we are picking up out platinum passes from sea world San Diego and have already booked discovery cove for when we go down for ice breaker and iron gwazi. I am thankful they took care of us.
  4. We need no give Cedar Fair the benefit of the doubt. They can do no wrong. SEAS however did give our family a 2000$ plus refund in 2020 however.
  5. I can almost guarantee there won't be a statement.
  6. At kings dominion and Carowinds I have seen some questionable employee crosses. I don't want to see someone lose their life.
  7. Magnetic brakes are relatively new to b&m. They used to not have these problems. Skyrush's multimove is poetry in motion with the speed.
  8. I rather it be taken care of before something far worse happens...
  9. Yes, the controls are an integral part of multimove. B&M is still the rides manufacturer, they chose to contract the operating system out, it is on them. OFF TOPIC: No way b&m could have 10 trains or more running at once like say Hadgrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.
  10. Maybe b&M'S should not operate in multimove?
  11. This accident is worse cause it's on level ground. Several things failed for this to happen. On valravn you also have gravity contributing.
  12. When was the last time an intamin coaster trains collided? It was 2001 on SRoS. This happens all to frequent on newer b&m's IMO.
  13. How can the average park goer differentiate camp cedar from Kings Island when Kings Island promotes it as "Kings Island's camp cedar". Cedar Fair likes the money but does not like the bad publicity and distances themselves like last year but still promotes it.
  14. Sounds like multiple stabbings. https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/violent-incident-at-king-islands-camp-cedar-sends-several-to-hospital Even though Cedar Fair is not a management partner of camp cedar, the park advertises like it does so it's hard for the gp to differentiate it from Kings Island. I glad we have a strong pr department, hopefully there may be a statement by Coasterstock .
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