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  1. The timing is perfect because it’s the 40th anniversary of the first major enthusiast event in park history - AcCE Spring Conference. That year heralded the opening of King Cobra:
  2. Yes, but first aid has general medical supplies, not something disease or condition specific. I ran into the issue last year, and am curious if it was fixed.
  3. The issue with the bag policy is that if people are forced to keep their medical supplies in their cars, having to leave the park ends their night.
  4. Dude, it’s early on. It takes some time to process, analyze, and diagnose. I can tell you a few cases where companies have been too eager to provide communications and the provided information was incorrect.
  5. Or it looks like someone else made an account trying to have an “ah-ha” moment. The name of the account is KingsLslandPR. It’s a fake account.
  6. Today, Mike Koontz held the Hall of Fame ceremony inside the Festhaus. He started the presentation by playing a rap piece that described the staff and their roles over the speakers. The rap and the following ceremony was quite nice.
  7. Look what’s trending on the front page of the Travel section of USAToday. Kudos to the park for a fantastic announcement.
  8. Just because one person answers park related questions on their personal account doesn’t mean another person has to.
  9. Nope, he’s the spokesperson. It’s within his right to communicate with guests in that manner. Many communication directors conduct communications in a similar manner.
  10. Could it be that the advert was paid and purchased for while the ride still existed, prior to the call to demolish it? Could they have outsourced the ad managing to a third party, and the third party hasn’t removed the ad yet? In the past, CF has advertised with rides that don’t even exist at the park in the commercial.
  11. To be fair, even though it may be more expensive, you are getting more Prestige+ benefits at a rate that is cheaper per unit/park. Just a thought. Also to note, it seems they’re standardizing passes throughout the chain. Should help with app updates. Also seems like they’ve fixed all the problems with Prestige.
  12. Dude, it was marketed well. Can everyone stop picking on Chad? Everyone is fixated on blaming him for stuff that he had nothing to do with. Adventure Port was marketed well. Did anyone else get the flyers mailed to them describing the new rides.
  13. Spoken like a true lecturer of public communications I see. You say he wasn’t at Sol Spin, he was. You say he wasn’t at CoasterStock, he was. Everyone taking photos of the same structures doesn’t mean he’s copying someone else’s tweets. Also, he was at ERT: What’s your definition of “sucks at communicating”. He has gotten the story across nearly every time there’s a press release and or news story.
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