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  1. A wing would look so cool in that space. I wish for a wing over anything.
  2. Going to best buy to get a great deal on a Nikon D3500
  3. From the speculation to #KIWebCamBlackout to finished track....what a KIC off season
  4. Thats a great question. Im not sure in all honesty. But if B&M were really smart about it, the bolt fittings, should be universal and fit all gigas and maybe they can use them on the other gigas. The only problem is the distance between the spine and supports might be different. So Im not sure. Maybe they are thrown back in to the big lava pot at Clermont steel and melted back down who knows.
  5. When the remainder of they layout is put in, the coaster essentially leans on itself. Those supports were up to spread out the pressure on the spine, now that the other track and supports are up the pressure and weight is more evenly spread out
  6. First test is always recorded but never streamed. The first run is incredibly slow as the cold, soft wheels are ran on it and chance of valleys are higher. So the video will probs get posted but our time of Orion cam down isnt quite finished yet.
  7. We really talking bout this again. GIGA is a made up term. GIGA was created in an office with Cedar Point and intamins reps in a meeting back in 1998. Nobody sells a GIGA. Everybody just slaps a title on it.
  8. The parks hours are released at 3pm today. We will know for sure then.
  9. LaRosas pizza in Kings Island is an icon. Cincinnati pizza and they are a huge KI sponsor. Cmon now FOF96 sit down and eat a slice with me and lets talk this over hahaha
  10. Id say he speed hill as well. That a big helix and still have another airtime hill after the speed hill.
  11. CP has 4. SFGAV- 5 We tied with Buch Tampa & Seaworld with 3 a lot of parks have three.
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