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  1. I'm sure people will still ride it, but there may be a slight dip in popularity for a bit. I hope they don't modify the queue too much because I love the view you get of the ride when in line.
  2. I have ridden both quite recently, but I would have to give the edge to Invertigo. Yes Wicked Twister does have the launch, but after the first boom of acceleration the launch seems to cut off quite quickly, but those spikes are still a blast. The reason I give the edge to Invertigo is that I would say any seat will give you a crazy ride, even the middle, but some seats on Wicked Twister are just kind of eh. But don't get me wrong, Wicked Twister is still an incredible ride.
  3. I feel like if they painted it or did something to make it look less ugly, they could get creative with that space. I personally would love to see it be used for something like another flat ride, but if not I hope they can keep the queue. So I'm kind of stuck between options 2 and 4, but I'm leaning more towards 4.
  4. Could they be building the rest of Adventure Express?
  5. The line was three hours long when I rode, and the ride broke down halfway through due to technical difficulties. I don't know what they were, but they had to run the trains on half capacity. Despite that, the ride feels and rides smoother than I last remember it, especially through the valley of the first drop. This is just my theory, but maybe it's because the ground that Orion sits on has gotten more firm than last year when it first opened from ride cycles? I'm not completely sure so don't take my word for that.
  6. Wow, that thing looks amazing! A modern Vekoma would be a very good fit for this plot of land, although (correct me if I'm wrong) does Cedar Fair still work with Vekoma?
  7. Yeah, you raise a good point. Right now AZ is kind of all over the place when we are looking at theme, but I still think it could use some touch-ups here and there. Plus, I loved the design they used to have on the pavement too, and something like that would look nice. Although they did add a seating area in that spot, so maybe it could go someplace around Drop Tower? Idk, just thought I'd mention it.
  8. Action Zone has fallen way from it's former glory. I would love to see a retheme/overhaul like they did with X-Base.
  9. Voted Orion! Although it is very strange how West Coast Racers is so low, I heard it is a very good ride.
  10. Same here, and yes they did put some steel supports up to reinforce the helix over the summer.
  11. Hmm, this may sound like a weird guess, but it's the best I can come up with. In the 13th picture, there is a sign that says "Your determined spirit and selfless determination will be lauded by generations to come" even though this already ties in with the theme with Orion, could it also be talking about how KIC was determined to find out everything about this ride?
  12. The outposts read "Outpost 20", "Outpost 07", and "Outpost 87". Of course outpost 20 symbolizes Orion opening in 2020, outpost 07 symbolizes Firehawk's relocation to Kings Island in 2007, and outpost 87 symbolizes the opening of Vortex. I believe there are also several easter eggs where the FoF pictures used to be. I think there was a seat from one of the Firehawk trains, and some cans that say "Firehawk Hydro Fuel", and maybe some other things. I know the barrels are kind of obvious in what they are referencing, Like Radium xl-200, and Sedimentary 325, But one of them says "Metamorphic VTBC" which vtbc means Volcano The Blast Coaster.
  13. I wouldn't change the train of Orion, but I would definitely change the colors. I think the only train that really reflects the theme and looks good is the silver train. Maybe add more grey/black to the other ones.
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