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  1. Ummm is this gonna be tore down since they turned on light too lololol
  2. Gross why people want to drink at King's island? Go ride roller casters and if you need to drink that alcohall, drink home where it is more safe.
  3. So are you saying that they are turning light on and off and they are gonna tear this down and build a new old car ride??? Why would they do another one?
  4. I want to see a B&M coaster where Vortex was. I saw one like was really cool. It was a modern fly coaster, I think it looked awesome! Go to you tube and look at magical mountains in cal. It's out there and look so fun.
  5. My duuuuuude silver man I'm glad you feeling better. I hope you stay that way and the stupid virus stay away to!!!!
  6. Well that's Canada and the USA so there is that. I mean I want to go there if mom and dad take me but the virus has closed it just like the stupid virus has closed other parks here and it's dumb. Dad said we was safer at King's island than we go to lowes but it's just me and him.
  7. So what is the thing everybody talking about? I not seeing anything diferent that's what's always in the festival hoase.
  8. Well duh it is a giga because you drive down that big hill. I was talking to my algebra teacher and I finally starting to understand it when we solved problems she made up with Diamondback and orion! But she said you can't throw like mystical timbers in there numbers have to be like each other
  9. Sob man did I just cuss lololol!!!!! I'm glad you understand me because I know it hard. One day I get better and right better. But thank you are nice and awesome but be careful with the gross beer
  10. Where is park at??? I have not heard of it and what is lost caster?
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