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  1. I’ve tried it a couple times. It was alright. Then again, I’m not much of a beer guy to begin with.
  2. Trail of Terror was my favorite Haunt attraction. I’d love to see the path be utilized for something similar in the future.
  3. A Mediterranean restaurant at KI would be absolutely AMAZING. I’d love to be able to sit down and have a gyro at the park.
  4. Thank you, Don! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
  5. Sad, but definitely not unexpected. Once they removed the rides, I had a feeling Coney Island wouldn’t last much longer. I am excited to see this new venue and how that plays out, and also wonder what will happen with Riverbend / PNC Pavilion with the new venue being built. It seems strange to me that they would keep 3 venues operating so close together. Could Riverbend or PNC Pavilion be on the way out too?
  6. I’m a bit late replying to this, but there is a private event today (Dec. 7).
  7. Her voice will forever live on in my memory. “The time is… 1 o’ clock, PM. Press… 1… to start shift.”
  8. Please tell me there’s not some context to this that I don’t know about…
  9. As someone who has had to climb those stairs many times, trust me, you do not want to have the VIP lounge up there, it’s exhausting, especially if you’re carrying anything lol.
  10. If you’re looking for any of those metal songs I know a few of them. I can probably find more at some point. Within the Ruins - Shape Shifter (Instrumental) Within the Ruins - Beautiful Agony (Instrumental) Mick Gordon - Rip & Tear Wide Eyes - The First Contact
  11. Might as well change the thread title to “arguing about the prestige pass again” at this point. I’m sick of every single thread turning into this.
  12. How about a cincinnati chili festival?
  13. Kind of an off-topic question for this thread - but did you end up contacting the department of agriculture after that incident?
  14. Oh wow! I remember taking sleds down those slides. I remember thinking it was very sketchy, but still so fun.
  15. The Banshee crew has impressed me so many times. I don’t visit the park as a guest much these days, but a while back I remember them consistently having a full train ready almost as soon as the lift hill was clear. It was amazing.
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