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  1. Could someone please go onto google earth and Put a red dot where all markers have been spotted so far
  2. It was great! Oh and FOF ride photo area
  3. Heading to Kings Island right now, I’m hyped
  4. Haha I sure will! Also would you guys like a walk through of the queue and station?”video”
  5. I’m so excited to be on the first train
  6. It has the grand carnivale floats inside of it. It’s been there since last year
  7. Orion looks absolutely massive from this angle inside the Adventure Express station, credit to Ohio valley coasters
  8. I know it’s a little too early to speculate but, that plot of land looks huge from this angle, almost anything could fit there! But the way, when’s the next decoding thread opening up ?
  9. Double post: also I just thought of something, maybe to recognize the top fundraisers for the first riders event, they get a piece of Vortex. Just a thought
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