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  1. honestly, as cool as this would be, i wouldnt want this to happen. Kings Island's wooded areas are one of my favorite parts and its what makes the park so beautiful. id like to see them build a denser coaster in Vortex's plot of land to give The Beast its secluded feeling back instead
  2. why are there so many people at the park today? whats going on?
  3. its speculation. i doubt its connected at all
  4. stuck in line for The Beast right now lol
  5. edit: this was asking if The Beast is open but i just realized the park only opened 15 minutes ago lol
  6. someone caught a video of it testing. i think this thoroughly debunks the rumor that its valleyed during every test
  7. just made a short trip to the park for the first time in 2 years, and i was really impressed with the orion queue. the line was constantly moving and i was through in about 30 minutes
  8. commercial.mp4 found this in an archive of old commercials here, thought you guys might enjoy
  9. hi, i found this footage from 2009 of Diamondback when it first opened, and aside from the stunning paint job, i noticed that the track bends quite a bit. is that normal?
  10. also sorry for double posting, but can anyone confirm that the blue racer isnt running today? ive been seeing videos of KI and have seen the red racer running alone. could they be doing work to flip blue backwards again?
  11. can i just say, thank you so much for bringing these preview day updates, guys. these past 2 years have felt really "off" with Kings Island, because of covid and such- felt like it was losing popularity. these pictures are throwing me straight back to pre-2020 when Kings Island was full of life and its making me very happy
  12. on Kings Island days, chick fil a is breakfast, its just part of the experience Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  13. ive been many times, just not this yr. it wasnt gonna stop me but i was just wondering what it was all about Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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