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  1. That episode never gets old. Brady Bunch was my favorite show in my pre-teens.
  2. The good ol Kings Island Inn and conference center with shuttle busses, I loved that hotel. It had a indoor and outdoor pool, both with 9ft deep ends.
  3. I rode it and both my knees had swelling sticking out a good 2 inches. That metal bar for holding onto, was like a hammer just beating my knees the whole ride. I could honestly say, that's the most pain I've experienced in my life.
  4. How long has this forum been around? Post from 20 years ago
  5. Strange, I see the all park addon on the Kings Island app, but our passes aren't recognized on the Cedar Point app..
  6. I had to uninstall and reinstall earlier, and that updated it.
  7. Yeah, we won't be marathoning coasters, will do Waterpark and a day on the beach, weather permitting. Also, enjoying the breakers pools and are suite. I bring a xbox and etc. I'd stay 20 if time from work off was possible. Great time
  8. We did 9 days last year and I was bummed when it was over. It's a 6 hour drive for us, so we only make one trip a year. KI is a 80 minute drive, so we do at least every other weekend.
  9. Yeah, we did 9 last year, it wasn't to bad. We stay at breakers, so we can take a lot of breaks.
  10. I'm going for 10 days in June, I got the season fastlanes, so this should definitely shorten the line up as the day goes.
  11. So, supposedly you can only ride TT2 once a day, unless you have the season fastlanes. I wonder how they can tell the difference, it's usually the same wristband. Never-ending I just seen there is already a thread for this
  12. So, supposedly you can only ride TT2 once a day, unless you have the season fastlanes.
  13. I'm 6"5 and when you get on it and have to sit there and wait for them to strap you in, I have to bend my neck at a very awkward way while I wait.
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