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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I had the opportunity to visit Indiana Beach back in 2016 - it's a nice little park and I could play Fascination! all day long Similar to your experience, Lost Coaster was also closed on my visit however Cornball Express was also closed so I wasn't able to pick up that credit. Steel Hawg was one of my favorites there and Tig'rr was unlike anything I've ever ridden in the sense that I didn't brace myself for the intense laterals/turns. I felt Hoosier Hurricane was fairly rough but overall was enjoyable. Speaking of Cornball Express, I did observe one of the workers smoking a cigarette while working on the track which was rather interesting.
  2. The fella in row 8 looks familiar. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ryan and Don - I enjoy listening to both AGP and Tower Topics and make it a habit to check out new episodes once they drop. Congratulations on 100 episodes thus far, looking forward to the next 100!
  4. I am 6' 2'' and weigh 305 - I fit with no issues. It wasn't uncomfortable for me - Flight of Fear and Backlot are the worst restraints in the park in terms of comfort.
  5. I took a ride on SSBR this afternoon and felt this coaster definitely packs a punch. I wouldn't make it the first ride for someone that is brand new to riding coasters, but it's a decent ride that can fit between "Great Pumpkin Coaster" and "Backlot Stunt Coaster" in terms of introduction.
  6. I drove past Clermont Steel over the weekend and only saw red B&M track sitting out and some unpainted pieces. To my knowledge, they don't fabricate any wooden track. Gravity Group, I believe their facilities are out near the old Tri-County Mall north of I-275.
  7. I've been to both Carowinds and Kings Dominion, having visited Carowinds last in 2015 and Kings Dominion in 2014, respectively. Kings Dominion is the sister park to Kings Island, having opened three years after Kings Island in 1975. Similar to Kings Island, Kings Dominion has Flight of Fear and Backlot Stunt Coaster that are either identical or near identical to what we have. Project 305 (formerly Intimidator 305) is a must ride for any coaster enthusiast - think Millennium Force and Maverick at Cedar Point had a baby. Out of the 111 coasters I have ridden, I can safely say that I-305 is at the very top of the list in terms of intensity - I greyed out on almost all rides I took on it. Reptilian, their Mack bobsled coaster and Dominator, their B&M floorless coaster previously at Geauga Lake are also rides I wouldn't pass up. If you are looking to ride something similar to Vortex and are feeling nostalgic, they still have their Arrow looper, Anaconda. If you are looking to see how different Kings Dominion is than Kings Island, I would recommend a visit to this park. Carowinds, I will say, gets the nod here for me because of Fury 325, their B&M giga coaster. It is the longest steel roller coaster in North America, 7 feet longer than Millennium Force at Cedar Point and feels like one of the most complete/well rounded coasters that I've ridden. The first drop, turn before the hive dive, and the hive dive itself were notable elements on the rides I took. Their B&M hyper, Thunder Striker, will have a similar experience to our Diamondback, so nothing radical there. Their B&M invert, Afterburn, provides some of that 1990's B&M intensity and rank up in the top of B&M inverts I've ridden - edged out by Raptor at Cedar Point and our Banshee. I will add an addendum to my response and say this - we were able to knock out Kings Dominion and Carowinds over two days. It's about a 4-5 hour drive between the two so if you have the All Park Passport and have the extra time to swing both, it may be doable.
  8. I've only been on two SLC's - T3 at Kentucky Kingdom and Mind Eraser at Six Flags America. I will say the trains on T3, based on my experience, was better than what was on Mind Eraser, plus T3 for me was a far more enjoyable ride. From the time Mind Bender left the lift hill, it couldn't end fast enough. That day, I learned that SLC stands for Sucks Like Crap. This POV gives you an idea of how butter smooth the ride experience is - B&M should take note.
  9. I've been mulling on this all day long. We already have a giga coaster with an 85 degree angle of descent. Other than the fact that a dive machine hangs you over the edge for 3 or 4 seconds, would the drop experience really be that much different? I've only been on one dive coaster (Valravn at Cedar Point) and thoroughly enjoyed the front row ride I took on it. The farther back in the train I went, the less I enjoyed the ride. It's not on the list, but I would like to see something similar to Maverick at Cedar Point in the plot that Vortex occupies. I know that Cedar Fair and Intamin have a rocky past, especially with the past issues that Cedar Fair has had with them, so I'm curious as to the feasibility of something similar being installed, especially with the popularity of Velocicoaster at Islands of Adventure. A Mack launch coaster could be a good fit in this spot, however based on what I've heard, these come with a steep price tag. If I could only ride one coaster up at Cedar Point, Maverick would be the one.
  10. Looking through Reddit, it appears as if someone got a survey from Cedar Point, however it included a tilt coaster and water coaster in lieu of the dark ride coaster and dive coaster that showed up on the Kings Island survey. One Redditor posted that Carowinds sent out a similar survey, with the giga dive coaster, water coaster, family launch coaster, and a super flume as options. CP - Carowinds -
  11. Thanks McSalsa - enjoyed reading your trip report. I was there yesterday from 11-3 and waits weren't all that bad. There were numerous school groups in the park yesterday. I really regret not marathoning Orion yesterday, it was about a 5-10 minute wait after I took my first ride. I did end up buying a pack of the trading cards as well and just checked them out - I hope they expand and add more cards to the lineup in the future. I also picked up an Orion shot glass. I have a collection of shot glasses for all of the gigas I've ridden (all four in the U.S.), several KI rides, and several CP rides.
  12. It looked like one of the elevators started to descend then stopped. The bottom half of one of the elevators was visible below the bottom of the platform, while the top was concealed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Ended up buying a Gold Pass this morning, and went up to the park for the first time since the 2019 season, staying until about 3PM. I figured I would try and see what I could ride given that lines could potentially be minimal - I'd rather wait 15 minutes and get "walk of shamed" than wait an hour to be told the same exact thing. I was able to ride The Bat, Banshee, Adventure Express, Racer, Orion, The Beast, Mystic Timbers, and Diamondback without being turned away. I rode everything except for Invertigo, Flight of Fear, and Backlot Stunt Coaster - the latter I didn't see running the entire time I was there. Finally got to ride Orion for the first time, which was nearly a walk-on - I should have stayed over there and marathoned. As my last visit was when Vortex was still operating, I will say that it was weird without seeing Vortex, especially standing in line for Diamondback, looking towards LaRosa's and walking past where the batwing used to be. Otherwise, I thought the park looked good! I do want to get up to Cedar Point during the season, however I did not add the All Park Passport when I purchased this morning - I am assuming I can go into Guest Services next time I'm at the park and pay the difference?
  14. ^ The Beast is the roller coaster that started my love for roller coasters, this one I really do not want to do the Walk of Shame. I know the last time I was up at the park in 2019, Diamondback was close to being a no-go
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