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  1. Took about 17 minutes to come down
  2. Fireworks just started, Drop Tower has been at the top of the tower for 5 minutes at this point.
  3. Menu looks promising, sucky on the tasting cards. Incidentally I'll probably spend less overall without the card since it'll make me be a bit more choosey on what sounds worth the money instead of bulk buying and allowing experiments
  4. My kids love watching the parade and this puts it prime 2 hours after they go to bed. So glad they won't get to enjoy it this year, they'll look forward to missing it. I'm happy to see CF moving forward with making Kings Island more and more kid unfriendly. Maybe next year with the addition of 15 new places to buy booze they'll do a dollar beer night and put in an ammo vending machine.
  5. I was very excited when I realized Costco was selling some stretchy shorts with zipped front pockets, and a 3rd zipped "cargo" pocket. Nothing for the single back pocket however. My go-to for Amusement Parks now, in addition to a bumbag which apparently allowed on most coasters now, so long as it is around my waist. Interestingly enough Banshee last week actually made me take my glasses off and put them in my pocket because I didn't have a strap. First time they ever mentioned it, I've worn them on Banshee many times without issues from the crew, or the ride.
  6. I was just standing here thinking, has Drop Tower even managed a 50% uptime this year?
  7. Ohhhhh, that is where you get coffee. That was going to be a year-long mystery, now I just have to wait for French Corner to actually open
  8. Oh mang, speaking of little things that would have been cool for a "camp" effect. Opening "wke-up" Bugle when the ride first open each day, camp announcement with Lunch and Dinner bells, and a "Lights Out" announcement for last rides. As for "Good Gravy", we actually just went to Holiday World for their opening weekend and I had this conversation with my kids. I think everything except the ride itself on Good Gravy is better, the ride for SSBR is probably marginal win. They are very similar rides to me, but the hump on the end spike is great and seals the deal for me.
  9. Haha. This comes across as just "hey Kings Island it looks like we had 65,000 people buy the new drink plan, so we need to probably do something about this... I know we can move all the employees to alcohol sales, close most of the regular drink refills and maybe order some more machines so they can be ready in... the last month of regular operation" My goodness, taking a trip to Holiday World has RUINED my already dwindling opinion of Cedar Fair operations, I'm super excited for Six Flags Management
  10. I noticed the French Corner was open for the first time during one of my visits so I dipped in for the muffuletta sandwich and chips. Out of The Bat, the Cajun chips sucked. Floppy, bland and stale. The sandwich though was surprisingly good. The olive spread was a bit odd since I thought it would be just an olive or two and I could pick them off, but the spread was so much an afterthought that I couldn't Even taste it any how. It was pretty filling for just a sandwich, and the seasoning really helped out what was basically a cold cut sandwich.
  11. The entire park needs about 3 times more seating and 4 times more shade
  12. It was down for over 2 hours when I wanted to ride it at 6pm today. Maybe next weekend
  13. Personally I don't mind the individual songs, the problem is the quantity. I swear Rivertown is the same 5 songs. Open it up to some plain folk rock and stop with just covers
  14. Continuing my slow paced rant. 84 degrees out before noon, Rivertown freestyle is closed. You know what isn't closed? The new boozy bar they built between freestyle and potato.
  15. Is this the year they try to see how much alcohol they can add to one park?
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