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  1. Make sure to check from today. They more out this morning.
  2. Details on Winter Chill Out Tickets have just been announced: https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/2021-winter-chill-out I would like if they'd go back to their old ticket system, but I hope I get picked this year! A bummer not go last year. Always a fantastic event.
  3. You can't have criticism, and if you do you can't talk because you didn't apply for the job? I'll make sure to apply next time and let you know. Didn't have the credentials to do it when the job was opened. I'll also make sure to apply for the GM job as well so I can complain that the trash can locations are not to my liking. Is be suprised if Coasterstock next year happens, and to what others have said.... Are there no other operating days?
  4. They just simply didn't want to have it. That "excuse" shows it in my opinion. Pretty much knew they were skipping it since last summer.
  5. I think the Winterfest's length is just right. I'd actually enjoy an earlier Opening Day. Especially with the weather.
  6. I bet they kept it close to the original name because majority of the general public would of called it Top Thrill Dragster anyway. The majority of the people who don't like the name seem to be enthusiasts. The logo looks fantastic in my opinion. Also, people will refer to it as "Top Thrill" not with the "2".
  7. Can we just admit KI's communications isn't that great, and call it there. I see more ads for Holiday World than KI.
  8. Park guests when they show up to see the sight of an empty section of field.
  9. So the bare minimum? Please look up what a communications worker does. Edit: Anyone find the timing of this a bit fishy?
  10. What a big loss for the park. If this was decision from the park, what a mistake that is. I don't have a particular story to share right now, but seeing him around the park was always great. Not a good day for the park. This. I can't see this happening for a while now with him gone. Again, this is a loss for the park.
  11. Going with the 24 capacity was the best idea in my opinion. After this season, I don't think lines will be as packed (besides busy days, but that's the case with almost every ride). Getting the smaller model just makes sense to me.
  12. Looks Chick-fil-A is going from a hundred people per hour at Kings Island to fifty people per game at GABP:
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