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  1. Was this ever finished? I was under the impression the project was cancelled. The Facebook page disappeared a while back and the Twitter page (@ki50movie) has been re-named "DELETE."
  2. The response to IP being incorporated into the park is always fascinating given KI's beginnings with Taft Broadcasting, Hanna-Barbera and other TV properties.
  3. If rides are indeed themed to DC, Looney Tunes and other WB properties then I hope they put some thought into the theming and don't simply paint a ride black and green and name it "The Matrix" without atmosphere, immersion or the tiniest bit of decor to show for it.
  4. I'll try to be optimistic, but mergers make me nervous. As a movie fan, the mergers of 20th Century Fox with Disney, ATT and later Discovery with Warner Bros. have been painful to watch, particularly with the way David Zaslov is currently running WB. And there are further rumors of Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery being sold to NBCUniversal and Apple. To tell you the truth, it is pretty weird watching these big corporations swallow each other up.
  5. These are from an earlier playlist the park would play throughout park featuring orchestral selections from horror movie/TV soundtracks. I'm trying to remember if KI played metal on I-Street in the mid-2010s but I definitely recall hearing at least The Lost Boys track (which has metal riffs at the end) near the front gate and Darkman around Eiffel Tower.
  6. My wife and I went to Haunt a total of four times this year. While we had fun, I found myself missing the old Haunt more and more with every visit. It is not that Haunt is bad this year and I hesitate to say mediocre, but it feels like "less." There are less shows, less mazes, less atmosphere, less to do. I miss the heavy fog. I miss The Undertaker taunting us on mic near the front gate. I miss the hordes of scare actors that roamed the whole park rather than being confined to "scare zones." I miss when the whole park was a scare zone. And the music.. Look, I'm a metal guy but I don't want to hear generic hard rock at Haunt, I want Halloween, I want horror. And when all these elements came together -- being on the midway while navigating the thick fog and hearing Freddy's theme, not being able to tell if the person in front of you was a park guest or a scare actor until it was too late -- it was something special.
  7. Apologies for reviving an old thread but I'm assembling an iTunes playlist with the various themes and songs played during Haunt in the mid-to-late 2010s. Being that KI changed their Haunt playlist a few years ago and my memory of it is getting a little foggy, I could use some help remembering what all they played. Here's what I got so far: End Credits from Beetlejuice by Danny Elfman Main Titles from Darkman by Danny Elfman Rebirth from Poltergeist by Jerry Goldsmith Carol Anne's Theme from Poltergeist by Jerry Goldsmith Main Title from A Nightmare on Elm Street by Charles Bernstein The Darkest Day from Independence Day by David Arnold (This was used on The Beast's lift hill but being that I don't remember it during Haunt, I am including based on older posts.) Main Theme from Tales From the Crypt by Danny Elfman (Also don't remember but included based on older posts.) There is also a piece of atmospheric music that either could be from the final moments of The X-Files pilot or Closing Time from The Lost Boys by Thomas Newman (from when the security guard bites it in the beginning). I once thought it was the former but I now believe it was the latter. Both are similar cues but The Lost Boys kicks up the pace with guitar riffs at the end and I'm fairly certain I remember that at the park. Anything I've missed?
  8. Line-jumpers were in full force this weekend. On Saturday, I witnessed numerous teens exploit the Fast Lane line to hop the fence on The Racer and group with people they know. Another girl hopscotched the WindSeeker line multiple times because she seemingly knew people in more than one group in that line.
  9. My memory may be playing tricks on me but for some reason I keep thinking there was/is a billboard in some odd corner off the path around the KI Theater area, advertising season passes or something.
  10. I prefer the layout of the second one but gimme the tunnel from the first.
  11. I have always enjoyed the simplicity and quickness of Congo Falls. I know its location isn't popular with most but it is nice having a water ride in AZ that you can hop on real quick to cool off in a jiffy. When it goes, I'd like it to be replaced by another water ride.
  12. That happens fairly often, even in major publications. Last year, LIFE published a JAWS retrospective with a sidebar perpetuating an oft-stated myth that a shot of the little boy (Alex Kintner) being devoured by the shark was removed because "Spielberg thought it was TOO terrifying to be in the film." In actuality, the shot IS in the film, the majority of it at least, albeit as a "blink and you'll miss it" rapid fire shot, and while the actual CHOMP didn't make it into the film, there is little evidence to suggest it was trimmed for violence (in the shot, the boy was portrayed by a mannequin, so lingering on it would make it less scary, not more -- plus the scene is quite horrifying as it is). However, Spielberg DID comment on trimming down the pond scene (where the fisherman, who is quickly dispatched in the film, is dragged in the shark's jaws, spewing out blood towards Mike Brody) because it was too gruesome and "in poor taste." But since the myth has been told so much, it's often been presented as bonafide fact. (Cue narrator voice: "It isn't") I imagine this sort of thing also happens with the KI ghost stories and sinking Vortex myth.
  13. I don't recall mentioning Disney or Universal in my earlier post and while I can't vouch for anyone else, I know I personally don't expect Rise of the Resistance-levels of high end immersion at Kings Island. Having said that, apart from the notable exceptions above, I do think KI's current era of theming on Banshee, Mystic Timbers and Orion is not only better than some of Paramount's but also more than enough to immerse myself into some sort of film-like experience. For example, the abandoned truck, creepy music, loudspeaker warnings and overall tarnished old mill theme of Mystic Timbers make me feel like I'm stepping into some Stephen King-ish, 1980s midwestern horror just like Top Gun felt like you were about to take flight off a naval carrier to quickly shoot down some MiGs and buzz the tower. I think these examples (as well as maybe a few prior to the Paramount years, I'm sure) show that immersive themes can be done on a regional park's budget. The final stretch of Mystic especially makes great use of technology that should, in theory, be very maintainable and allows for a certain level of flexibility and variety in experiences while also leaving room for potential updates should KI decide to add in different endings. Obviously, I do think Paramount offered some great themed experiences, but I also think there was a whole lot of mediocrity and a considerable amount of missed opportunities, particularly in the years leading up to their eventual sale to Cedar Fair. Granted, I do wonder what PKI's legacy might have been had 1) Viacom not purchased the studio or at least held more value in the parks 2) they maintained the park better and placed their rides in better spots, and 3) instead of building the problematic Son of Beast, they went with another ride experience akin to FoF or Top Gun, smaller scale but themed well.
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