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  1. Very true. We typically do the cookie decorating, however, this year is should have been called "Decorate a Rock" with Mrs. Claus.
  2. Completely ridiculous charging and additional $7.99 for dessert. It's a freaking buffet. I'm cool with limiting 1 dessert per person, but not charging extra.
  3. Definitely, especially in Adventure Port.
  4. We enjoyed the Turkey as well Friday night. Missed the hushpuppy stuffing this year.
  5. Winter Buffet now charging extra for dessert.
  6. So, if you are planning on the Winter Buffet this year, here is the pricing, and notice that dessert is no longer included with the cost of the meal.
  7. It looks like the Peanuts Christmas Tree Lot is being set up.
  8. If they cancel the mac 'n cheese bar, we riot.
  9. They started scanning guests in at 530 and holding up by the tower!
  10. Just saw on the passholder FB page, the special food offerings at Grain & Grill and Chicken Shack have been removed from the Dining Plan. More tricks from KI…
  11. Yep. Totally agree. We pulled into the lot at 545 and I figured we’d be good to get up and scan in pretty quickly. We scanned in about 610. The new haunt (alien) is pretty decent. However, the line was HORRIBLE. There is about 3 minutes in between groups due to the pre show, rules, etc. We were 2 1/2 queues back in the line and it took an hour. Also agree about the PG-13-ness of the atmosphere. I mean, when you have a family with a dad carrying a 1 year old through a haunted attraction, that says it all.
  12. Didn't want to start the 2023 Winterfest thread just for this, but prices for the Igloo's this year are (based on the night) $225, $285, or, wait for it...$325. On a positive not, hot chocolate refills are back down to $1 for additional nights.
  13. Correct. Private event until 7, and then the park opens to the public for Haunt at 7. I would definitely 100% postpone.
  14. Pass Perks strikes again. Thought I was getting something Haunt related, then saw the item and expiration date.
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