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  1. ...are going to Kansas City in June for 8 days to be an AP Exam Reader and are already planning out which Kings Island gear to wear.
  2. The Park Ambassadors are one of those things you never know you need until you do. Many people, including my family, have benefitted from their kindness. Please don't discount the many guests and associates whose days have been made better by the Park Ambassadors.
  3. ...and sing "Danger Zone" as you are riding.
  4. If true, this is absolutely disgusting. We had one ambassador take care of us when one of our boys got a really bad nosebleed after riding The Beast a couple of years ago. He stayed with us in the restroom, made sure we were taken care of, and then even gave us a free front of the line pass for our family after all was okay. These are the types of interactions that guests remember. If the ambassadors are truly gone, a piece of what makes Kings Island special, at least for my family, is now gone. A very sad day.
  5. Extra sad about these being gone after listening to the podcast. I cannot imagine the experience had they been placed on the Flight Commander pad.
  6. What time did you do the train with a 2 hour wait? We were there that night as well. Watched the parade in Coney by the arcade then went to the train. Waited 10 minutes. With that said, I am not disagreeing with you at all. I totally would love to see extended ours, particularly with the nicer weather we have been having this year.
  7. Very true. We typically do the cookie decorating, however, this year is should have been called "Decorate a Rock" with Mrs. Claus.
  8. Completely ridiculous charging and additional $7.99 for dessert. It's a freaking buffet. I'm cool with limiting 1 dessert per person, but not charging extra.
  9. Definitely, especially in Adventure Port.
  10. We enjoyed the Turkey as well Friday night. Missed the hushpuppy stuffing this year.
  11. Winter Buffet now charging extra for dessert.
  12. So, if you are planning on the Winter Buffet this year, here is the pricing, and notice that dessert is no longer included with the cost of the meal.
  13. It looks like the Peanuts Christmas Tree Lot is being set up.
  14. If they cancel the mac 'n cheese bar, we riot.
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