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  1. And that's why, even as a big tough guy, I don't mess with anyone cutting in line anymore. People seem to have extremely short fuses, less morals and are prone to fight or worse these days. Even when they are obviously in the wrong. I was taught respect and rules from my family, especially in a public place. I love my home park and never think about breaking rules or being a general jerk in respect to the place that has been my second home my whole life. I just do not get people that think they are so special the rules do not apply to them and potentially are violent like this instance.
  2. I'm old school when it comes to having a physical pass always. I was in line at the Brewhouse last year with my son when a girl in front of me of had her phone die in line and had no physical pass to use her meal plan. She was freaking out a bit. I let her know her that she can get a physical pass. She kinda acted surprised you could get an actual pass. What would we do without our phones now...ha! Saw her later that day and she thanked me for pointing that out to her.
  3. Fearfest was definitely less tame than now days. Who could forget actual Midget Wrestling matches during Fearfest in the middle of the Festhaus! Who thought of that? There seemed to be generally more scares along the midways, alot more fog and if I remember right, real bugs in one of the mazes that was close to The Racer back then. I think it was a Mummy themed walk through and they had real bugs enclosed in glass as part of it. Yep, those were the early days of the event. There was so much fog, that riding Drop Zone, you could not see the ground below you after a certain point. It was freaky fun!
  4. I finally got a ride on Drop Tower this past Sunday. Absolutely love that ride. Only problem now as I have grown since it first opened, they had to squish me in my seat. My shoulders and torso just don't fit easy anymore. Only time being 6' 4" is a bad thing...ha! So, got the ride in but it was a bit uncomfortable going up. That is the only ride at KI I have trouble fitting into for my size.
  5. Cannot agree more and to add, the sound of snapping the Eagles back on that path is missed by me just as much. Vortex was an icon at the park and fit that spot perfect after the original Bat. So, whatever goes there has to pay tribute to the legendary coasters before it.
  6. I cannot remember ever seeing that particular refill station open it seems. Seems there is always a lot of people any given day through that area of the park. I think I got a drink there once...ha! But, very true, two people manning the beer bar next to Larosa's last night.
  7. Got my first ride on it yesterday afternoon. Not much of a line but it still took a bit to load. It's a snappy little coaster for it's size. I sat in the back seat and it was a bit taller than it looks from up there too. I really enjoyed it although as I get older, going backwards on any coaster is tough on the equilibrium. Funny cause I used to love the backwards Racer. I am curious to see how Good Gravy stacks up to it when I go to Holiday World in July between me marathoning Voyage. Absolutely love that coaster.
  8. I have only rode Mystic once this year. Got an early ride before the school crowds arrived. So the line was not long at all. Last year I witnessed the worst line jumping I have seen in Mystic's line. Groups of people just climbing over railings and getting in front of people on multiple occasions. I called the security number once but did not see the line jumpers get caught. It is so prevalent in that line any given day for some reason. In the past, since I am a big guy, I have told line jumpers to get lost. Now, no one really says anything since these days so many are just prone to fight first or worse if called out. It's a different world these days.
  9. Awesome news! It has become one of my favorite beers ever! I know it's not for everyone, but I think it's one of the tastiest summer brews out there. Making a stop after work next week to pick some up!
  10. Although it is sad to see the park's demise, the ownership did themselves no favors removing the rides. The rides were just enough to get my family to buy season passes each year. Not an overly big selection, but quite a few fun rides (bumper cars were great there!). We actually did not go to the pool much at all. We saved that for KI. It was super close and a really nice way to spend an afternoon walking around under the trees, getting a bite to eat and riding. Once the rides were removed, we ceased to buy passes. It hurt because we have had such amazing, memory filled days there. If we wanted a water park, then off to KI we go for a much more robust selection of slides. So, I blame management for not understanding just how much the park meant to locals and beyond. Not keeping the rides and not thinking ahead and adding more rides to the mix was what killed Coney for us.
  11. That spot behind the Brewhouse is a treasure of relaxation. That is my go to when I need a way overpriced beer and a comfy chair to take in the sounds and sights of the park and maybe get to know other people enjoying the park that day. I sure hope that would never become VIP spot.
  12. Absolutely love Drop Tower...even though as a big guy it is not the most comfortable to fit into those restraints. Sounds kind of silly, but I love riding bumper cars. Maybe because I have a long commute to work 3 days a week! Have to get that frustration out! Ha! Plus, like my long-lost Eagles, every ride is different no matter how many times you ride. Just wish our version of bumper cars didn't take three years to load and get going and don't go as fast as others out there at other parks. As I get older, it gets harder for me to ride Delirium. Shake Rattle and Roll is still good though. Love that ride! My equilibrium was never good with anything that spins even as a kid. Learned that on a cold night in Texas on a carnival Tilt -A-Whirl when I was about ten. It was not a pretty site. I was so embarrassed.
  13. After visiting both Disneyworld's and Busch Gardens Williamsburg Festhaus in the recent past and how much fun they both were with the German fare as well as great entertainment, my wish is to have something similar at KI. Both places at those two other parks have a variety of food for those not wanting German food. But, the focus is on the German and/or overall world heritage, food and fun side of that. Right now, for me, our version is just a nice shortcut that has some air conditioning to another part of the park. I like some Panda Express at times, and maybe a way overpriced beer at times but all the building is now is a glorified food court. Such an iconic building in the park could be something so much more.
  14. As a Graphic Designer and site designer too, I know the hard work and decisions that went into all this. Great job and I'm so happy to be part of this group that enjoys this site on a daily basis and loves King's Island like a second home.
  15. Officially mid-way into my 50's now and my love for KI, coasters and amusement parks in general has not faded one bit since I was a young kid. But my tolerance level sure has! Multiple rides on The Beast, Mystic, Diamondback, and Orion don't really bother me too much...but I pace myself now and try to hit the bumper cars or some other kind to the head and stomach rides in between. Even though I am in good shape for my age, coasters with inversions such as Banshee, I am one and done for awhile depending how long I plan staying at a park any one day. My equilibrium just isn't what it used to be unfortunately. Loops didn't used to bother me, but in the last few years, even with trying anti-nausea pills, I just cannot ride coasters with loops near as much as I want. But, saying that, I love to ride RMC's and the inversions in them don't affect me as bad. Strange! Of course, when I was a kid, the Rotor about killed me as far as that goes. I was so sick after riding that! I was so embarrassed! I never could really handle any ride that spins. Even as a kid. Build a 500ft rollercoaster though, and I'd be first in line.
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