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  1. Palm Trees could be CGA, Knotts, maybe it's a combined skyline of different parks?
  2. I'm really liking the detail in the new map. Everything from the placement of the trains on the coasters, the SOB station, the detail of the rides and attractions. Someone spent some time designing the map. Also the app itself seems quite a step up in terms of user friendliness.
  3. It's paid off, and an up charge attraction. As long as nothing large comes up maintenance wise, and as long as nothing is planned to take its spot currently, I don't see it going anywhere. My family from out of town always rides it when visiting KI, and it definitely seems to get enough traffic to pay for the employees running the attraction as well. I would say it still scares me the most out of any attraction at KI. The initial free fall feeling sensation when you pull the cord is unlike anything else.
  4. The thing I dislike about these things and the way the chains are run. Daily ticket holders are the ones you make the money from, the guests you're trying to impress and convince them to return or potentially upgrading to a pass. So why do they make ticket holders feel like such second class visitors... I'll never understand this I know many GP who make a trial visit to KI, pay for a $65 ticket, pay $20 parking, pay full for full price food, walk away spending $400 for a family of 4 and feel like they were ripped off. Meanwhile I family could spend an additional $100 for a pass, visit 10 times a summer and bring much less revenue for the park per visit. Not that you want to make the pass-holders feel lesser, but day ticket holders are really the ones you want to convince as you can convince them to join your park ecosystem. Just my point of view on this matter
  5. Still, it's details like this that I wish the park would work on improving. They've made good strides with the Festhaus clock, I-street, pavers, etc. But if we could get the red roof back, even one of those waters systems where the water goes into rocks which has a pool underneath that pumps the water back up. It's ambiance things like this that really complete the experience. Even if they aren't critical, they're always appreciated and I feel would definitely add to the charm.. I'd always love to see the compass make a return on a certain dark ride roof, ribbons to return in the Festhaus interior, a Boo Blasters queue refurb, but I can only dream so far...
  6. The sign museum is a neat visit for sure. The young train nerd in me loves Entertrainment Junction. I used to love walking around the Cincinnati Mall before it closed. Arcade Legacy moved from the mall to a new location in Sharonville about a year ago. It's a neat place, $10 gets you the day to play all the classic pinball, arcade machines, and they even have old console games from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s.
  7. There's too many acronyms today, no one has the time for full words anymore
  8. I remember seeing them sold for Flight of Fear for $15 and $20 on different occasions. Reminded me of similar pricing to buying an individual lightning lane for the popular attractions at Disney
  9. I was waiting to see if anyone else brought this up after seeing this video a few days ago. Lanny Smoot of Walt Disney Imagineering recently made news that he's being inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. As a fellow electrical engineer, I've followed his work for a little while now, and some of the stuff this guy has helped create is nothing short of breathtaking. Besides creating some notable achievements in the world of theme parks and animatronics, he seems to be a rather down to earth and fun individual to be around. I have a few friends who work within the department of Imagineering who say he's always a hoot to be around. Some of his notable achievements include creating a fully retractable lightsaber for the parks, advanced animatronic eyes used in many modern day dark rides, interactive projector technology seen used in parks and aquariums around the world, and his latest work, the HoloTile, a sort of omnidirectional floor/treadmill rig. I'd encourage if you have a moment, watch this 5 minute video, it highlights some of his notable works: Disney Imagineer Makes History - YouTube
  10. I think even SIX learned their lesson about Larson Loops . Though I thought they learned their lesson from Skyline Attractions... Unfortunately these things are always a byproduct of mergers. On paper, especially from a corporate accounting standpoint, it's an obvious place to cut cost. It's easier for corperate to make cuts when they don't personally see the impact of certain positions. But the financial numbers don't take into account the impact on guest experience. I've had many wonderful experiences with these ambassadors willing to help in any circumstances, so I'm sad to see them cut, and hope any workers affected can find meaningful positions elsewhere in the park or in the industry. My look is still hopefully optimistic for this merger. I think in the long term it'll be good, but in the short term it's gonna be rough. I see lots of cost cutting to payoff the debt, scanning to see where spending can be trimmed. I can see parks going without some major attraction investment for a period, but what really matters is that things are maintained well. These rides are some of the parks biggest assets, and letting things fall into disrepair will only hurt them more in the long run. Additionally, you can only trim staff so much. Going with less experienced full-timers because they're cheaper doesn't always help in the long run either . People are truly the greatest asset to a brand/company, not just the tangible assets. Here's to a hopeful future in which some of these wonderful people and positions can return. Ambassadors were the true stewards of the park experience...
  11. They had something similar in Coney Mall back by the entrance to the arcade I noticed over Winterfest. Same targets and axes
  12. Congratulations, indeed! I believe she was a communications intern this past summer. From what I've seen, she seems very passionate about what she does. Excited to see what's in store!
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