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  1. I am definitely in the camp of having a free locker system in place for people to use so there is absolutely zero excuse for people not to follow the policies. But I truly do foresee Sandusky PD patrolling TT2 much like they did for SV's opening year where violators of said policy were tossed from the park. And that was of course, before the free locker bank. Even though the absolutely zero loose item policy is stated everywhere and will be stated all over this ride, there will be without a doubt plenty of folks who will still not follow said policy and attempt to bring their phone into the line with them because they don't want to pay for a locker. Which like, yeah. Forcing people to pay for a locker is silly when you've already paid a lot of money to be there in the first place. But also, even with the free locker's that are offered for riders of SV, it's still incredible to me how many people make a surprised Pikachu face when they go through the metal detector, set it off and are found to be non-compliant. They then proceed to throw a fit when they have to go put their stuff in a locker. I imagine there is going to be a ton of this with TT2 as well even with all the signage and pre-info being put out there.
  2. The regular wrist bands could just be a place holder until a more interactive option comes along. They could be working on that and fine tuning things for next year. The technology is in place so that's a good sign.
  3. Did I mention anything about me personally getting angry? No, I did not. I know there are a lot of kids stepping into their first jobs, but I was speaking in theory of the people who do not care if said associate is taking on their first day at their first job who may not have the forethought to think about that before copping an attitude. What I should have highlighted is that team leads/supervisors should be on their game and be able to properly back up their lower tiered associates with the proper info. If my Lieutenant was not able to fill in the blanks for me in areas that I am not equipped to handle, that would be a very bad look on my department. I realize a lot of things come into play as things move along, but I also realize that it is up to the leadership to ensure everyone is as well informed as possible and to train as necessary to get everyone on the same page. That's all I was getting at.
  4. Reading all of this and also hearing about @IBEW_Sparky's experience this weekend, it really just screams that there needs to be more training. Absolutely more training. Send a book of SOPs home with employees to study. Heck I mean, what is the number one rule of working anywhere? Understanding your product. Having a firm grasp on what you're doing and essentially selling in most cases. Having everyone virtually on the same page is so vital to the guest experience. Not everyone is patient, kind and understanding to an associate who doesn't know or understand what's going on. All they care about is getting an answer to their question or concern and when you drop the coin that a pass holder or day ticket holder does for a day of fun and you're met with "I don't know", not everyone is going to be so understanding.
  5. This is actually the first season in awhile that I've missed Preview/Opening day and I, for once, am actually ok with that. It sounds like it was a stark contrast from last season. I totally understand that preview and opening days can and will have their fair share of hiccups and crowds, but I am more than ok with letting things iron out a bit before I go. I hope everyone who did go this weekend had fun!
  6. I'm probably one of the few that misses it. I will say that I am grateful for Orion and in terms of re-rideability and enjoyment, Orion is definitely the winner here. But that doesn't negate the fact that I do miss Firehawk. It was something different compared to the rest of the coaster line-up and with there not being a ton of flying coasters out there in general/especially Vekoma Flying Dutchmen, it was unique in that regard. Not to mention it being a GL transplant, it had some history behind it. Sad that it couldn't be relocated, but understandable. Maybe some day we will see a new Vekoma flying coaster stateside.
  7. https://www.cedarpoint.com/events/coastermania
  8. "Come one! Come all! Have one final swim in Sunlite Pool the way it was intended! Flooded to the brim with natural Ohio River water!" ***Conditions apply In all seriousness it is absolutely crazy how high the river is right now. And with more rain coming I'm beginning to think I will need a row boat to commute soon. And if I had to choose what happened to the land that will formerly be Coney Island and future become a new concert venue, I'd have picked for it to become a nature preserve. Let nature take it back. Make some beautiful walking paths. Moonlite Gardens could stay and remain a venue for special occasions such as weddings. Just let her spirit rest. That would be my personal wish vs anything else.
  9. As someone who enjoys beer, I am excited that this is making a come back. I did not get a chance to try it the last time it was out so I am anxious to give it a go. I enjoyed the strawberry funnel cake beer quite a lot so I am hopeful that this will be good. As a whole though, I really love Sonder. Having been to both locations I think they both have something to offer. The West Chester location has the better food...or I should say "had" seeing as the Mason location will be moving towards an in-house food selection as well just like the WC location. Their third party food vendor ( Blur River Café I believe it was called ) did not get renewed for the Mason location so they will be moving towards an in-house food selection which is exciting.
  10. While I am all for the no loose articles policy as it is an added level of safety for everyone, like those of you who stated above, how will this be effectively implemented without causing too much drama? A free locker system would absolutely be ideal, but as stated above, folks will probably find a way to abuse that system. I just don't know. As someone who considers themselves a responsible and efficient rider as in I always wear clothing that supports safely carrying my wallet/keys/phone/etc in such a way that does not inhibit my ability to enjoy rides or pay for lockers, this kind of sucks. But they have to create a blanket statement to cover anyone regardless of how responsible a rider might be. I guess we shall see. I hope by the time we get up there in the summer that whatever early kinks and bugs with the entire system of ridership will be a little bit smoother. I do feel that this season will be entirely experimental and next season things will be better tacked down. One can only hope *shrugs*
  11. As stated above in the subject, if KI were to bring concerts back to Timberwolf, who would you want to see? Me personally, I'd enjoy an eclectic line-up of concerts. A little of everything. Kind of like a mini-music festival over the course of several days.
  12. Just watched it. I hope the jittery-ness doesn't mess with the overall experience or maybe that's something that won't be as noticeable with a full load.
  13. Ok so now the question to ask is, how possible would it be to obtain a piece of the pool? Silly I know, but I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking this. Years ago when the old Market Square Arena in Indianapolis was being demolished, my mother and I took a trip downtown and simply asked a construction worker for a piece of the concrete from it. Dude was cool about it and said he literally had dozens of folks asking for a piece since it meant so much to them, especially people my mom's age who grew up going to concerts there. Makes me wonder if O'Rourke would be as cool about such a request.
  14. I look forward to hearing how the event turns out from members on here who are attending
  15. I'm between The Bat and Banshee's ride logos. -The Bat because I think bats are cool anyways and I really love how they created the letter "A" to resemble an upside-down bat without compromising the letter itself. I honestly wish there was more merch available with the logo on it. I'd love a dri-fit sleeveless shirt in bold black and orange colors with that logo on it. -Banshee's logo has both a 90's aesthetic and still has a modern feel to it as well. It's bold yet graceful and of course the color scheme is just so eye-catching. On the note of colors, I do really hope they give Banshee a fresh coat of paint soon. She deserves it.
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