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  1. Yea there's no reason to pay to demolish it until they have to. And with Timberwolf, it's able to still be used. So even if it isn't hosting many things it is still able to and can be a small revenue source until it comes time for them to have to make a real decision on whether to keep it or not. I do feel the time for a decision on that general area is coming but its not imminent yet.
  2. That is my assumption of that statement as well. I view it more as the checklist graphic they show of what is included in each tier or not (no blackout dates, Halloween Haunt, Winterfest, free parking, etc) are the benefits they mean carrying over to all parks. Not park specific special events.
  3. Even though it's a decent drive I have debated getting Dollywood passes some year. We love Gatlinburg anyway so figure be fun weekend get-aways a few times through the year and try to go to their different festivals.
  4. I enjoy it when I ride it and if it’s making money for them makes sense to keep, but hate its location. Being right in the middle of Action Zone limits additions/expansions/redos of the area. I don’t see them spending money to move it but would like to see it moved to the field next to Flight of Fear in Area 72 and themed to a training thing. This would open a huge area (especially if they replaced Congo Falls and Invertigo as well) for a redo of Action Zone.
  5. I loved the Smurfs boat ride as a kid, but was even more excited for Phantom Theatre so didn’t miss it when it left.
  6. I think it’s a good thing. Going to be popular when it returns as new thing and a return of a loved attraction. When we rode the original it was easily our longest wait even with FL+. Valravn was brand new and it took us about 15 minutes and Maverick was 10-15. But TTD took 30 or so because dispatches took so long.
  7. Nah Racer will become Twix. “Are you Left Racer or Right Racer”
  8. I think only special ones will. Loch Ness was a more historic coaster and might have stayed very popular too. I think the average Arrow will likely just get replaced. As mentioned I could see Magnum get similar when needed. And hope AE is saved when that time comes. I have hope for that given all the recent work they did for it.
  9. I'd personally keep it Coney Mall, but would like to see stuff that kind of skirts the line of the theme for both. Like a big log flume (unlikely I know) would fit well into both Coney Mall and Rivertown. I also really like the idea of making a subsection land of Coney Mall in that area themed around 502/60s with SR&R, Jukebox Diner, and Antique Autos there already. Can retheme BLSC, add in a Musik Express flat, and do a 50's themed coaster. Though trying to think of a non car theme since we already have the antique autos and BLSC in that area already. That or remove BLSC to make room for more new rides for either Coney or Rivertown and then do a hotrod themed coaster.
  10. I guess depends on how much. I did word it as less profit, and yes if it is making profit that would be beneficial even if it is small. But if the maintenance and operating costs (including paying staff to work it even if no one rides) outweighs the income, then it would be operating at a loss. So yes any profit coming in is better than none, but money coming in doesn’t necessarily mean profit either.
  11. Actually based on this it seems that the system isn't random. People that are visiting a lot aren't getting perks as they don't seem to need an incentive to come visit the park. Those coming only once or twice, the park is trying to get to come more frequently so that they will spend money on food, drinks, games, etc. while in the park. And in the case of the perk Stoan showed above, they are doing it by offering a fantastic perk to bring 4 additional people with you so they can collect as much money in that one extra visit they are getting out of you with the perk. As Tr0y said, it would be nice if rewards were based on in park spending so they more you go/spend the more you get, but it seems likely it is the reverse and it is just being used to entice people back that aren't coming as frequently.
  12. I would overall say 10 people riding it for $5-$10 is worse than 4 at $20 each. To start if those 10 were all at $50 it is nearly half the income of the 4 at $20, but saying they are equal or even $100 vs $80, there is more wear on the systems running it 5 times for those 10 versus 2 times for the 4. The springs and bands get put through a lot of stress on each run and from stuff I have read on these, need to be replaced frequently so operating it 2.5x as often for the same income is going to lower your profit when compared with the increased maintenance costs.
  13. I’m not a fan of these type of upcharge attractions in general and would rather have a regular flat ride that is free. Also, rode this once and it wasn’t even that great.
  14. I think a log flume thematically fits in with Coney Mall as well. So could make it a Coney addition with theming along the edge of Rivertown to tie it into there too. Seems like log flumes are dying off so don't' see one getting added but always thought it would make a great addition there as something that fits well in both areas thematically to be on the border.
  15. I agree. DC wouldn't be my first choice but AZ as is can't really get much worse. It's already a concrete pad with rides plopped around. Any themes with add some cohesion. Another addition I wouldn't mind seeing in a DC retheme would be the Battle for Metropolis dark ride. And examples you gave are some of the hope I do have for the merger. Six Flags is kind of known for cheapness but they do have some good theming in areas too, and especially with some newer stuff like Dr. Diabolical's.
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