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  1. And that is exactly why the meal plan was the ONE thing I didnt get, and never have. Yes, they can (and given the chance, will) screw every other add-on up, but that and the all-season FL are the only two Id be really pi$$ed about. The FL I find crucial enough to actually enjoying the park that I will "discuss" things with a gold tag each and every visit if I have to, as much as I have to, in order to get things right. The meal plan I do not, and all it would do is make me angry enough to simply walk. Further edited to address BB1s above post.... I dumped my CC membership about 8 years ago for many of the same reasons.... immature garbage, and all I really wanted the memberships to the various clubs I belonged to from 09-16 for, was the ERT. I had also made the decision mid-season last year that this year would be my last, and that was before I had been made aware of the CF/SIX merger, or the myriad of garbage that CF has pulled with this latest iteration of the "We already have your money" pass. Now, as you mentioned in your last sentence, Id be adamant about this one being it even if I hadnt already made that decision.
  2. Put this on the list of places I MUST go this year!
  3. Are you kidding me? I'd dig this and it would be pretty cool, but If they wont pony up the dough for the Intimidator likeness and GM Goodwrench for their licensing, they sure arent going to pony up for royalties for this! Hell, I think they should get ahold of Steve Earl's people, pay the royalties to use Copperhead Road, and theme it to running shine but they wont spend or dont have the $$$ to do so.
  4. It is admittedly a positive effort, but coming from a BIG BIG Geauga Lake fan, there isnt a single D amn thing that will change their planned course of action.
  5. That weekend was bananas, Ive still got the big group pic we took on The Beast walkback tour. I definitely dont go as hard as I did back then, but for certain rides (SV, MT, Raven, and Voyage especially) I will marathon past the point of where my body says “Ummm, yeah, you should have stopped about 3 cycles ago”.
  6. New logo design being revealed for the release of the new merch.
  7. Here's a good one. With the new pass structure, I wonder when/if they will start having pass processing days prior to opening day? I certainly hope that A)They do that as they did in the days of new passes/photos every year or B)Have gate central set up in a manner that will allow current passes to be used once before having to get the new card/photo to avoid Hella long waits at processing on preview day.
  8. The soccer game has been converted to an axe throwing game which is actually pretty cool, but I am 1000% in favor of dumping all 3(?) of the basketball games.
  9. I thought that same thing about the length when they compared it to Thunderbird in the comments. Ive always liked T-Bird, just thought "If it had a few hundred more feet". To your point, it certainly wont deter me from hading down to ride it by any means.
  10. OK, first, Ive watched plenty of testing videos from what I believe to be Battery Park Marina and have done the numbers with a graphing and scaling program and every...single...time the train went up the tophat and rolled back the front of the train was at minimum 220'. Second, I know the numbers for the backwards run across the flat track and backwards through the station as Ive figured those as well using time/distance. Third, as Brad said, I was/am referring to the loss of the 0-120 in 4 that can only be felt now through either of the examples I gave. I have plenty of Friends with cars that run sub-9 second 1/4 mile times and even they.... as exciting and thrilling as they are (especially behind the wheel).... dont give the same feeling because their 0-120 isnt in the 4 second range and Im behind a windshield. Every point I made was backing up the points disco made, hence this part of my statement "100% this on the acceleration element". I was agreeing with his point. Thank you Brad for getting it.
  11. This entire response is how Ive been wanting to express my thoughts and feelings on the ride, but I declined thinking no one would relate and Id come off as the jerk I can definitely be at times. Falling backwards at 300+ feet scares the Hell out of me, but knowing that 98% of the time it wasnt going to happen kind of made the 2% chance exciting, despite the fear. Now, I know it IS going to happen every time. 100% this on the acceleration element. 0-120mph in 4 seconds is equivalent to an F1 car and a half-second faster than the fastest road going vehicle in the World, the $2.2M Battista, and I dont see any of us getting a ride in one of those any time soon. Again, Im not saying TT2 will be BAD, it just wont give that same level of "unobtanium" experience. The best way I can explain it, is comparing Mel Blanc Looney Tunes voices to post-Mel Looney Tunes voices. Its cool they didn't demolish the ride, but its just not "there" in terms of experience.
  12. The people that do the most whining are usually WoF, ValleyFair, or MA fans who don't understand WHY KI (and CP) are "spoiled" and don't understand that a park has to make money to take money, and there is a GOOD reason it had been 14 years since WoFs last coaster, and 16 and counting for Valleyfair's last in Renegade. To your point, we noticed the cuts a lot more than any of those three I mentioned did, which is a little downside of being a regular at a park that is performing and operated properly.
  13. I am likely going into a crowd hornet's nest with the very nice forecast temps next Sunday, but I am going to enjoy a few hours in the park recording the tree lighting and taking pics around the park, food and hot chocolate, and maybe enjoying a ride or two on MT and Sol Spin without having to be any more bundled up than I was on closing day.
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