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  1. Looks like this will be the 208m Rebound model of the family boomerang. https://rcdb.com/r.htm?ot=2&mo=15119
  2. Very pleased with this! A family boomerang will fit very nicely.
  3. Banshee, Invertigo, Drop Tower, Congo Falls all closed right now. Skyflyer, Bat, and Delirium still open. AZ is a ghost town compared to usual. Hard to believe that many things could be be down just for maintenance…
  4. I just tried the French dip. Ehh. About the size of a hotdog, and it’s premade and wrapped in foil. Very salty. I can tell it would have been good if it hadn’t been sitting so long and wasn’t a little soggy. The Au Jus was okay. Maybe I just got it on a bad day.
  5. I’ve only lost my phone once- this past Saturday on i305. It was secured in a buttoned cargo pocket and still managed to get free. Has never happened to me on Maverick- with similar restraints. I’ve also been decked in the face by a phone on Millie- but that was someone who was trying to record.
  6. That, and Huss isn’t exactly the most reliable manufacturer anymore… see: Timber Tower at Dollywood.
  7. On Diamondback, there is an additional footing at the base of the first drop connecting two existing footings, and an additional one added near the bottom of the second drop. Orion: there is one footing that has been enlarged at the helix, appears to be #C102L (or in that area… hard to see) Another at the lowest point before the helix has been extended outward toward Racer, looks like #C85. Last one I saw extended was #C54, the lowest point exiting the turnaround. Support numbers are taken from:
  8. Not sure if I have seen anyone else here mention it, but Orion had some large additional footings added last off season. Take a look next time you ride, you can see the different shades of concrete where they were added.
  9. I got some mega spins in Cacao Beans and Fish Oil yesterday.
  10. I’ve always wondered what was in the room above the two platforms. There’s a couple AC units up there, which as a child I always liked to imagine that was the park’s “weather office” where the calls to close rides for lightning came from. I’m sure it’s just cell and communications equipment.
  11. I got the same meal as you yesterday. Agree with all of the above. I had this exact meal the day G&G opened, and the difference between now and then is night and day. The meat is colder, dryer, and less flavorful than just a few weeks ago, and the potatoes have less sauce and are undercooked now. The bread seemed like it was just uncut Larosa’s bread sticks, though it was the warmest of the three items.
  12. Looks like installation of Cargo Logo is moving right along.
  13. I watched Fenton unload one of the PLC cabinets for one of the new rides yesterday. Big, shiny, stainless steel.
  14. Very tasty! I had the Rosemary Beef, Potatoes, and naan. Beef was well seasoned and very tender- though I wish the rosemary came through a little more. The potatoes were cooked perfectly and had a little kick in the sauce. The naan tasted just like the naan I had at KD at their G&G (which was good!). All in all very good! I am looking forward to trying the rest of the menu.
  15. I’ve been watching Bat test for the last ~20 minutes… cautiously optimistic and very relieved!
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