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  1. It looks like the Rivertown side of the restrooms have been painted brown. Taken in January: From today:
  2. I did like the first drop as well but my knees still hold a grudge over the rose bowl.
  3. My theory on the love SOB gets is that it comes from people who either never rode it or were very young when they first rode it so they don't remember the roughness. SOB will always hold a special place for me for the hype that preceded it as well as being the first coaster I got to watch the construction of as I was just becoming an enthusiast. But other than the loop the ride was not great.
  4. I would love to see a screen printing store like you see at many malls, but in this case it would have a lot of different designs for various rides throughout the park. Have ten or so different plain colors in various sizes. You would buy your shirt pick your design, they would screen print it, and you could pick it up later in the day. From the park's viewpoint they don't have to keep a ton of inventory for rides that may not sell a ton. But if someone comes in and wants to buy a shirt with Zephyr or Cargo Loco they could easily screen print it.
  5. Some work is going on at the Character Carousel today.
  6. After looking again, I agree that it is probably just the foliage this time of year that led to it being a different color.
  7. There does appear to be more trees removed behind Orion almost directly behind the road behind Orion's transfer track. Here is a screenshot from April of 2023 compared to now. April 2023 Earlier today. I do wonder if long range they may move some of the storage things behind and around Timberwolf to this area. It is not a ton of clearing but it is something to keep an eye on.
  8. ^ I agree. A Screamin' Swing ride along with a Trabant style ride (as a nod to the former Wheel of Fortune ride) would be great additions to Rivertown. A sleek steel coaster would fit in great in Coney.
  9. They could just rename Woodstock Express to The Beastie and make a lot of people happy.
  10. So apparently Pig Pen's Mess Hall is a new restaurant but exactly where is it going in Camp Snoopy? There are some storage containers besides Snoopy Boutique. Could they be retrofitting that building or is it going elsewhere?
  11. While the article does say that Linus Launcher will be part of the new area, I am hoping that it is also one of the repainted rides mentioned. That purple doesn't really fit with the Camp Snoopy / Rivertown transition. I also hope they repaint the outside of the restrooms building.
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