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  1. Slash the price of tickets is correct. Saying slash the price off tickets would remove all price from the tickets Compare "slash the ear of Van Gough" to "slash the ear off Van Gough"..... in which instance would his ear, or a portion of, remain?
  2. Planet Snoopy rides were open last nite after 9:00....at least 9:45 when I walked thru
  3. Adventure Port is very good, for what budget they had and late timing of it --- a needed improvement for a previously neglected section of the Park. Cargo Loco is fun and the Adventure Express upgrade is nice. Sol Spin has a long wait at times but "ok". DB painting, shoehorned between weather and park opening, expect them to resume in Late Aug Sept during weekday downtime I believe CP does not have the 'drop them off' issue (being more isolated) as much as KI did so maybe that's why the Chaperone Policy is not used there
  4. You can't use CPI to adjust for construction inflation, it is simply the wrong metric. Intimidator would have cost $31 Million in 2020, which was more than Orion.
  5. Inflation Rate spot on to what? FWIW 2015 $30 million ->>> $32.7 million in 2020 (for Fury) is very close to the calculation using the Consumer Price Index (CPI) https://www.bls.gov/data/inflation_calculator.htm (+/- $33 Million computed) Using the ENR Construction Cost Index (which probably underestimates the 30% steel increase for the steel-heavy Orion project), $30 million in 2015 is more likely $37.5 million in 2020.
  6. You can't use the CPI inflation index to compute inflation in construction. Long-term construction cost inflation is normally about double consumer price index (CPI).
  7. Adventure Express Map Discovery.......
  8. Judging by this, we should have Adventure Port open on June 19th: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/new-in-2023/adventure-of-a-lifetime
  9. Fla weather is a little different than Ohio in February (...and March...and April). You will need it to be above 50 degrees IIRC to paint steel if you want it to last
  10. The 24 seat model has a capacity of 360 people/hour, considering 4 minutes per cycle = 15 cycles per hour x 24. (Compare to Invertigo @ 850 riders per hour)
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