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  1. Not getting into an argument about brain/head size here but any restraint near my head sucks. I don't like it when my head, or ear, or anything hits a restraint. OTS restraints suck, period. The vest style is far superior from a rider comfort perspective.
  2. I'm with @DoomPlague, I don't get the calls for OTS restraints on Banshee. The vests are FAR more comfortable. Raptor is an unpleasant head-banger, and if Banshee reverted to that I would never ride it again.
  3. We visit the Jolly Donut every year during our Cedar Point trip. Always a hit and good diner food!
  4. Getting more way off-topic, but I think you are really inflating a too much the difference between crane A and bigger crane B (BTW, that is a lot of unnecessary assumptions and definitive statements). Both are mobile cranes and crew sizes wouldn't be that different between operations. If the company had both sitting in their stockyard and available to rent, but wants to work with the customer to put on more of a show, it isn't that unrealistic to "bring out the big guns". Because they can, and if media is involved people/companies are willing to show-off a bit.
  5. Yeah, I'm kindof over this back and forth justify your claims discussion. What I do find interesting (someone I think hinted at this a few pages back) is there does seem to be a lack of "enthusiasm" from our current KI social media posts. It is hard to describe, and I don't have concrete examples, but rather one of those "you know it when you see it" type of feelings. You really want your social media people to believe they have "the best job ever" and it comes through with their words and work output. Right now it just doesn't scream "I love my job!"
  6. So as one who did NOT renew their platinum season pass (yes I voted with my wallet last year). I'm looking at the 2024 pricing and options and really don't understand the Prestige upsell. So the basic (Gold) gets you in the park all season, including Haunt/Winterfest, with early entry, with parking, food/merch discounts, some pass "perks". For 3x the price, you can get exclusive (Prestige), which adds: Preferred Parking, Preferred entrance (limited hours), VIP Areas, "Enhanced pass "perks, higher food/merch discounts, 2 brink a friends, and single use fast line per visit. Maybe it is just me, but I don't understand why I would throw ~$200 extra dollars for those benefits. Maybe the single use Fast Lane per visit provides enough incentive for some? But all the other "Preferred" items don't have that much of a value to me.
  7. Primer is really all that is needed for initial steel protection from rust. They could easily sneak in finish color paint to match onsite after installation at some point. There will likely be a couple of days somewhere in the extended test cycling where a crew could cherry pick up there and roll on a coat. I have no doubt they did whatever feasible to crash the schedule and get delivery as soon as possible. After watching the painters on Diamondback (via the webcam) it wasn't too crazy a task to paint a support in short order.
  8. Best wishes Don! Your knowledge and passion were a great asset to KI and we appreciate all you've done to help make the park what it is today.
  9. Wow. That statement from Carowinds provides an incredible amount of information above and beyond what I had expected. Proving this step-by-step series of events, since the public can readily observe, can squash a lot of online rumors. It is interesting how this highlights the whole support to the ground is getting replaced (inferred from the info regarding "pulled out of foundation" and "thorough cleaning" of the grout pockets). They aren't leaving any of the metal on this specific support to chance--it all goes. This also reveals they have high confidence in the defect being limited to that specific support, and not any overall design failure or deficiency. A statement like this really can go a long way (for those who have no technical background/understanding) that Carowinds is ensuring their safety. I agree with @jsus there is no benefit from any other park to throw shade at this incident to pump themselves up. The entire industry could use an improvement in perception of safety. The past few years have been rough.
  10. SOB is definitely the worst, it was a bad ride, and couldn't wait for it to be over. Our group rode it just for cred. Mean Streak before it closed was rather unpleasant. It was one of those rides that wasn't so bad if "you knew how to ride it" which just means you either worked with it or it beat you to death.
  11. This is a smart idea, I'd get on board with this. Someone with a dining plan may want to bring that up to Guest Services as something for them to consider?
  12. I never understood why "chef specials" were on a dining "plan." They are something above and beyond the standard menu. It costs extra for them to plan/stock/prepare for this food (and during a limited time). Dining plan costs are fixed and it is money already in the bank. If you are looking to increase revenue you don't give away new items, you upsell them. It is a premium offering for those who want an extra treat. I've read enough here to think there is an entitlement to dining plan users, it is specifically sold as a value deal i.e. "for this low price you'll stay fueled all season." Looking forward to trying it out! (though I've never had a dining plan).
  13. Not exactly sure what this brings to the discussion. You don't have to go if you aren't interested.
  14. Personally I agree with change. Cedar Point as a destination park should only have early entry for Platinum and higher passes, along with resort guests (as it used to be). $99 is too cheap and brought too many people to early entry at gate drop.
  15. Yep, really excited for the capital investments in "food service and delivery systems" and "a full lineup of seasonal events" Um, yeah...
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