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  1. I can't judge it fairly until I've ridden it but I can say my opinion is that it doesn't look as fun to me as Steel Vengeance. I will say the barrel roll drop looks fun though.
  2. Thank you for sharing the video, it is the best quality pov I have seen of Son of Beast. A definite nostalgia trip, that's for sure.
  3. Certainly, if you look at the topics that have multiple pages to them, I think that the way it stretches the forum to accommodate for the page numbers is generally clunky. Nothing about it is defective or misused, just unpleasant to browse around.
  4. Not a glitch or anything in that vein but I must say that I dislike browsing the threads when it shows the pages available to choose from. IE, pages one through four and then the last page. For me, it makes browsing the different threads more difficult and overall more clunky. I am using the default theme.
  5. I would of voted other or not applicable. Height is irrelevant to me, as aside from the first drop, most rides stay in the hundred feet or lower range.
  6. Of the three eras of Kings Island's kids area, which theme did you like the best? While I first experienced the area as Hanna Barbera Land, I have to give my vote to Nickelodeon Universe. I think Paramount's use of the properties and addition of theming worked well.
  7. I wouldn't mind having Flash: Vertical Velocity moved to Kings Island. The zero g roll is something unique and the ride itself seems like it wouldn't be too complicated to remove and rebuild. I am sure there are plenty of spots it could fit in at Kings Island.
  8. I really enjoyed King Cobra and unfortunately only got to ride it in it's last season of 2001. I found it comfortable and enjoyed the airtime, positive Gs and the pointlessness of the trick track. I was very sad when I arrived at the park for opening day of 2002 to see it dismantled and in pieces.
  9. It's hard to envision anything other than another flat ride being able to work within the space the attraction building provides. I think they should just demolish it and start fresh.
  10. The slight bumps or rattles experienced on Banshee don't bother me. The restraints that close too tight and get tighter mid ride, do however.
  11. I would say Diamondback is my favorite coaster at Kings Island for it's height, speed and air time. Drop Tower would be my favorite flat ride due to the height and air time. My least favorite would be WindSeeker due to my motion sickness.
  12. There are some real interesting pictures in this gallery, thank you for taking the time to share them with us
  13. At least the park is letting people know about the removal. When I arrived at the park opening day 2002, I found my favorite coaster King Cobra in pieces being dismantled. I had no forewarning and that was a low point for my Kings Island memories.
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