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  1. Ours has been very reliable. When it is down, it is usually due to wind (ironic LOL), the fireworks/drone show, and last year's budget cuts.
  2. So, basically, you have said the park is doing what they need to do to attract the 99.9999999% of the guests and yet you say you haven't been to the park in years.... So what group does that put you in..... You sound like the person that is never satisfied... Let's remember you are the one that said you quit purchasing a pass when they devalued ERT, which by your own admission is not a benefit of a pass. As you have said a pass only gives you entry during publicly operating days and nothing else and to expect anything else beyond that is foolish. Yet the pass offered today provides the same benefit as the pass you last bought year ago.... entry into the park any publicly operating day during operating hours.
  3. It was closed due to wind and not mechanical both days. On Sunday it was open in the morning until the wind picked up and then reopened that evening when the wind died down. Same with WindSeeker.
  4. Many of the days down have been due to wind/weather. Its other downtime has been due to availability of parts from Intamin. Other than that, it goes down for a fault much less than most other rides. It is just this one can be seen from all over so people think it is down more than other rides. The Beast faults all the time, but unless you are in line, you have no idea. It has ran more this year than recent years at this time. Given the issues with Zamperla at TT2, that relationship could get more tarnished and would make a replacement by them unlikely. I think this ride is around longer than most people speculate.
  5. Although it is down now due to wind, but that is a different kind of down that doesn't make the advisory list. It was the same last year when Adventure Port was opened for weeks yet still showed TBD on the website... But reading FB comments apparently most don't think a webpage exists since most of the questions are answered by looking at the KI webpage lol...
  6. Nope it is running today...it has been operating since Thursday despite showing this on the webpage...
  7. You mean tables like this within a few steps of multiple trash cans!
  8. You better hope really hard LOL What do you mean you don't want to get some inflatable toys? Don't worry, after it runs its course, I am sure they will be more than happy to convert the space to an alcohol stand...
  9. It's like the weather in Cincinnati - give it an hour and see lol
  10. Unfortunately, nothing new that many of the other parks are already doing.
  11. And they offered it on the side just the day before lol. So inconsistent. Speaking of "on the side", Skyline freely puts people's skyline, cheese, and onions in their own containers so they can take it home without it being a big sloppy mess if fully assembled at KI for the ride home... People talk about the chain is cutting portion size to prevent sharing, yet they freely give away an extra plate for sharing and accommodate folks wanting to pack the food up to take home, yet some sauce on the side to enjoy the meal in the park is a no-no lol.
  12. Didn't they go on sale after it closed, so folks were aware of the possibility it wouldn't be open?
  13. Oh but the condiment was free if you let them add it to the food. It was asking for it on the side in the abundance of containers just sitting there that was the issue. Maybe need to ask for an extra plate and dump it on there instead lol.
  14. How many parks constitute a chain? Herschend owns Dollywood and Silver Dollar City and Kentucky Kingdom and Wild Adventures (along with some aquariums), so does that mean those are off the table for this park purchasing spree? Actually we just saw this play out...MEMI purchased Coney Island. Could they buy other one off parks and expand their footprint? Good thing Beeastfarmer is buying these other parks and keeping them as parks!
  15. Hey @Tr0y - interesting that they will readily give away extra plates and bowls for people to share the meal, yet ask for sour cream on the side in a piddly little container and they say that isn't allowed...
  16. Per the FAQ: I have the All-Park Passport. Does that change how I earn and redeem Perks? What about separately gated waterparks? No. At this time, you can only earn and redeem perks at your home park. Scanning at a separately gated waterpark (if applicable) and the dry park on the same day will only count as one total visit.
  17. Hopefully 305 is going at KD when you go. Rumor down for a part from Intamin.
  18. Eiffel Tower and Drop Tower were not running....
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