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  1. I just realized that whenever we want to prove its open, we usually post pictures, so this thread will also become a RT Freestyle Stand/train station photo gallery.
  2. I have one stipulation to add about me wanting a RMC in Vortex's spot- not Topper Track. I think I've seen Wildfire as well as Outlaw Run both having structural issues involving their track in a way where at least OR may need to be converted. Lightning Rod is another culprit. I've also seen Wonder Woman at SFFT already needing new trains, so their single rail design is also a no-go for me.
  3. On webcams- Racer appears to be down with Red stuck on the lift. EDIT: Red Racer is being evac-ed from the lift. EDIT 2- Racer has reopened.
  4. ^That being open deserves its own thread at this point since its essentially become a KIC meme.
  5. I kind of hope this coaster helps to add more step up rides/coasters to the park. I really like Cedar Point's ride selection due to that reason, they have a lot of coasters that aren't necessarily big or intense, but still fun like Iron Dragon, Corkscrew, CCMR, Gemini and Blue Streak. I've always wanted a ride like Jaguar at KBF where its kind of an intermediate coaster that just meanders through the park with lots of path interaction.
  6. I refer to how the park handled SOB staying up SBNO for so long- they didn't remove it until they were ready to build Banshee.
  7. If they're doing concerts free with admissions- why not invite the plethora of volunteer community bands in the area to play at the park?
  8. Just know, if you're going on your own, they need pairs of riders for Thunderbolt due to it having ancient trains with no seat dividers and it's a lateral G monster. IT does have a pseudo-single rider line at the station though.
  9. This reminds me of Hypersonic XLC's tenure at KD when it comes to something familiar from S&S.
  10. In the same vein that I ask 'how does Intamin screw up a log flume?', how does S&S screw up a sit down looper with a chain lift?
  11. ^It makes it up the spike pretty high for being loaded only with water dummies.
  12. I feel at this rate with enough Don blog pre-empting of KI PR to respond that we could get KI enthusiasts/KIC members to pick The Vortex replacement.
  13. ^That might be too high a bar honestly for the current PR regime.
  14. For me, pretty much any sort of positive G would staple me with the restraint design. Honestly, I'd rather of had the original Vekoma stock as I'm more used to bracing with them having ridden Invertigo a lot. If Vekoma could put the vest restraints they've been adding to their sit down looping coasters/Boomerangs (see Hershey's and Carowinds' Boomerangs) to their SLC stock, then we'd have a winner. I actually like the SLC cloned layout, I think Thunderhawk at MIA is actually pretty good, and that's despite it being relocated.
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