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So a bit about myself, 

I was that 8 year old kid who loved rollercoasters so much all my time was spent drawing coasters and maps of fictional amusement parks. My aunt bought me the RCT computer game with the disks and I was obsessed with that until the computer finally crashed and I lost everything. (Well except 2 scenarios my sister filmed on a camcorder). My dad would often factor in amusement parks during family vacations so I was able to go to Disney World, Cedar Point, Dollywood, Six Flags St Louis, and Kentucky Kingdom when I was younger.

After graduation and getting a job at a local nursery (seeing as plants are my second passion) I found that my job was flexible enough that I could visit more amusement parks. In 2022 I visited many new parks and I hope to do the same this year.

My craziest amusement park trip story is my visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain in April 2022. I flew out of Cincinnati at 9pm Wed night and landed in Las Vegas at 10pm Wed night (time zone change). I got about 2 hr of sleep that night (which was all I was going to get) Thur morning I flew from Vegas to Burbank and took Uber to Magic Mountain arriving at park opening. After conquering all their coasters minus the children's coasters, Batman (closed for refurbishment), and Apocalypse (closed for unknown reason) I returned to the Burbank airport and left that evening arriving back in Vegas about 11pm Thur night. Fri morning at 1am I left Vegas and landed in Cincinnati at approximately 7:30am Fri morning then I got my car and arrived at work at 9am worked till 5 and went home. So I went to CA and back and only took one day off of work.... maybe I'm a bit crazy. The trip in total cost roughly $300 including airfare, Uber, food, and the magic mountain t-shirt that I purposely wear to Cedar Point now just to see what reaction I get. 

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