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  1. Ive been dreading the same thing, especially on The Beast. If we are able to this year would be my neices first night ride and i want to be there with her. I am 5'4" and 280 now and I was around 270 last season. I was boarderline for all the coasters except for Mystic Tibers. Banshee and Invertigo weren't open though so I didn't get to try that. I somehow got onto FoF even though it hasn't been kind to me in the past and I found the b&ms were closer calls than the ptcs. Oh, and I had no problem on The Bat. I hope in some way this helps.
  2. For me I'd say it's between Sol Spin and Delirium. Delerium is a better ride when it comes to thrills and forces, but Sol Spin's got a lot of force and it actually feels kinda good on my back too.
  3. I found more on Arrow's version of the Virgina reel! Sucks it didn't make it too far (also that music man)
  4. I figured it was a screw up but just making sure I didn't miss an announcement
  5. I wonder if this would be doable under todays guidelines. Probably not.
  6. Yeah, but it's not the same. You're not in a huge wash tub like car.
  7. I was looking at wikipedia's list of former Kings Island attractions to see what the oldest ride to ever operate at the park was (it was the original Dodgem btw), and I found this in the list of former areas. I can't imagine it's true since the festhouse and viking fury are still there but still.
  8. Am I the only one who wants a modern version of the Virgina Reel?
  9. I would just like to add that the announcement said the park was working on "a new and reimagined ride experience", meaning they are referring to a single ride instead of saying, "we'll keep building cool rides don't worry". Now that could just mean that they already have a plan on a coaster they want to replace it with, the reimagine part hinting to it being a similar attraction or an homage to dragster. But they may be referring to the ride that's already there. I should also say that Six Flags over Texas just pulled something similar. That doesn't really mean anything, it's just kinda weird.
  10. I'm a bit larger myself (around 240) and I can say that the only rides I have problems with at Kings Island is Mystic Timbers, Banshee, and Flight of Fear. I barley fit in Mysti last year and it made the ride super painful. I've given up on trying to fit on FOF and Banshee has rows for larger guests, but I've still found that B&M restraints are unkind to larger people. The Beast and The Racer are a little tricky too. My advice is to not fully sit down when you put the seat belt on and pull down the lap bar while you sit down. Other than that, you should be good. Arrow is a larger rider's best friend and Diamondback and Orion might be tight. Oh, and I haven't ridden Invertigo in a while so I can't really tell you about that one. Flat ride wise, the scrambler, Viking Fury, Antique Auto, and the log flume is fine. Drop Zone and Delirium I've had trouble with. And Boo Blasters is safe too, so you can enjoy the remnants of two better dark rides (where my Scooby fans at). I carry most of my weight in the belly (unfortunately) and I'm pretty short (5'4). I hope this helps and I wish you well. I had to take my first walk on El Toro this spring and that was a coaster credit high on my bucket list.
  11. You don't know how happy it makes me to see Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle. Most people overlook it because Phantom Theater and Enchanted Voyage came before it, but that ride was a highlight of my childhood.
  12. How does it compare to The Racer retrack (smoothness wise)? I won't be able to get to the park until late july and I am anxious to know how much smoother it got.
  13. They need to bring back the coaster that used to sit next to it! All jokes aside, and I know it's not gonna happen, but it would be nice to have the skid brakes back.
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