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  1. If they are going to to do any work in that area, they should clean up yo overgrowth on the fort.
  2. The KI PR dept does not seem like a good job for someone with high ethics if they are instructed to lie. Cedar Fair has not been an unethical company over the recent years, but this is a new level of unethical behavior. Regardless of whose fault the incident was, it doesn’t take much effort to show some human decency and care about the victim more than hiding the truth of the incident. At least CP showed some decency toward the family of the victim that day.
  3. I agree. They completely miss the potential of the fountain for a nighttime show. that does require someone who knows how to program the fountain and also knows something about the counts of music. It seems like whoever is programming it doesn’t know anything about music. also, I have never seen every jet of the fountain working at any visits since the fountain was installed. There’s always at least one jet that’s not functioning
  4. The song is nice but the chatter in the show isn’t necessary. Just play the music with the visuals. The chatter interrupts the flow. Good use of the drones and lasers. But the use of the show fountain is poor. It’s not synchronized to the music very well at all, definitely not like the way they used the fountain in the beginning. The instrumental music after the show is also nice.
  5. I agree this part of the park is rather barren and feels like a bunch of concrete. Not like a camp. Unfortunately providing shade and atmosphere fit customers is not a concern with Cedar Fair. Trees cost money to plant, water and trim. They seem to only want to remove trees and not even spend minimal $ on a stump grinder.
  6. Racer seems to be racing much better this year than recent years. The faster lift hill on red is offset by the slower turnaround on red. The trains are staying together until the finish.
  7. They can have all the food festivals in the world, but as long as their food is such mediocre quality, there’s no reason to pay such a price for it. Normally, this kind of food is even worse because it sits there in warmers.
  8. As far as thrill coasters go, a swing launch coaster with inversions would fill a couple missing gaps in Kings Island lineup. While it’s highly doubtful, they get anything from Intamin, a Pantheon/Toutatis type coaster would be a great addition.
  9. It’s an awful mindless theme. Additionally, I don’t know why Six Flags is so big on this ugly theme because they have to pay licensing fees for it. they set the ground work long ago for a Transylvania of Action Zone with Banshee and Bat. They should finish that job.
  10. I really hope this would happen That empty building is one of the biggest eyesores in the park after Stunt Coaster I think Cedar Fair is doing GREAT theming initially, but they don’t/won’t maintain it well if it’s anything that moves. Copperhead strike has some of the best theming they’ve ever done, but most of it is static. The animated chicken feathers haven’t worked for a while. A proper madhouse should have some animated theming.
  11. I was able to park at KD with a Canada’s Wonderland gold all perk pass this weekend. No issue. I even was able to get my physical (gold) card issued at KD since my previous card was platinum. However when trying to put the new card into Carowinds app, it won’t work. It worked on the Canada’s Wonderland, KD, KI and CP apps. When I went to Carowinds at new years their gate and restaurant would not recognize my season pass but it worked at guest relations. It doesn’t seem that they have fixed their linking issue with other parks.
  12. Recent thened train installations at Cedar Fair parks include Mystic Timbers, Twisted Timbers, Copperhead Strike, Steel Vengeance, Zambezi Zinger, plus the two Intimadators, The concept art for this ride looked like it would be themed.
  13. So they didn’t spend money to theme the train nose. It’s a standard Vekoma train with stickers.
  14. I just saw on a video last night that the high quality Phantom Theater was only there for 10 years. That awful, cheap replacement has been there for over 20 years. How can a piece of garbage like the current ride exist for that long?
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