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  1. I think age also makes in realize that most rides are boring and repetitive after a few times in a row and there are other things to do……
  2. It’s such an eyesore at all of the parks. Good riddance anywhere that removes it. But it’s the worst eyesore at Carowinds in the center of the park. After paramount absolutely decimated the center of the park by removing the riverboat Cedar Fair came along and made it worse.
  3. “Together We’re Better” is always the first song that comes to mind for KI because of that sequence of that show. I think this song pops in my head every time I go there.
  4. Shade is what the park needs most. It’s miserable in the heat. They have cut down just about every tree that shades the midway. I don’t understand why they’re so cheap. They won’t build shaded structures over the flat ride queues (and parts of the coasters). it’s just that big of an investment that makes the customers day so much better.
  5. When they built KD, international Street basically stuck out of the park on its own, and the park began at the Eiffel Tower. There were no pathways leading directly to themed areas halfway up the street like they did at Kings Island and Canada’s Wonderland The east side of international Street now leads to Dominator but not directly to a themed area. It was odd how they used all that space on the west side of international Street for the administration buildings That’s another reason the park is lopsided.
  6. This is exactly why Cedar Fair and other chain parks are operated this way. They sell cheap season passes and meal plans and people buy them no matter what. In the long run people get what they pay for. i’m sure the company management has the attitude that people are going to buy the season passes no matter what they do because of the price. theme parks were much better when they were special events a few times a year that people actually paid for each visit instead of a cheap to frequent. They really do lose their special feeling when one goes too much.
  7. In 21 they had an attendance increase because everyone had been shut in for a year. In early 22 they were still running the parks with the 21 mindset. it was mid 22 when Cedar Fair decided they wanted to chase off more customers budgets everywhere possible. And then 23 was nothing but that. The company is filled with executives that only care about filling their own pockets in the short run and will do anything to do that. They don’t care about increasing attendance in the long run. Matt Ouimet is gone. He was the reason Cedar Fair parks were run correct a few years
  8. This merger will definitely not be improving any park, and it definitely will not uplift the Six Flags parks to Cedar Fair level. Cedar Fair Parks will end up in the same gutter as the Six Flags parks….. the worst run theme parks in the world. They have been using a Six Flags pricing strategy for years These cheap season passes and meal plans are just going to end up with wonderful theme parks absolutely gutted by budget cuts
  9. Plus in recent years it’s just yet ANOTHER area with all white lights. That’s one major flaw about the lighting. Too many areas with all white (Tinseltown, Winterfest Way, Oktoberfest and Rivertown).
  10. Matt Oiumet was the reason Cedar Fair started quality theming over the last several years. Before him were rather generic installations like Diamondback He is gone from Cedar Fair now. I fully expect tacky IP the did that will totally ruin the character of the park again
  11. I just rode them last month. Carowinds has completely destroyed the experience. The range of the front fin on this ride at Carowinds has been restricted. And the cycle is VERY short. You might get two or three good dives at the most on a ride. It’s about the same experience now as the Larson replacement at Kings Island. But I rode the Flying Eagles at Kings Dominion last week and they are running perfectly. Full range of motion on the front fin and a good cycle length. You can get about 10 or so good dives on the cycle
  12. Personally i have found KI food far inferior to that of Kings Dominion and Carowinds. Even when Major was there. I was surprised he was promoted given the low food quality. The Coney Barbeque has always been subpar. Coldish food, lackluster sides. Inferior meats (where’s the brisket) Oh and a dinky greasy huspuppie instead of corn bread or a biscuit. Plus that awful cold barbeque sauce from the pump. Grain and Grill at KD is excellent. This is coming along at KI, but it wasn’t installed under Major The food was not good there this summer, but it has greatly improved for Winterfest. The burrito place is among the worst of that genre that I have eaten. There is a far superior and less expensive Chipotle right outside the gate Maybe the Brewhouse had a better menu under him, but I don’t eat there much And finally that nasty looking and tasting LaRosas pizza. The chef doesn’t get the blame for that since it is a sponsorship deal. But it’s horrible advertisement for their restaurants. At least the hamburgers have been good. But fries only with them. At KD and Carowinds there is a choice of sides.
  13. It all comes down to the fact that Cedar Fair does not want to pay competitive wage for the metro market or guarantee hours to the employees (ghost weather closures). Dollywood has the park fully staffed for daily fall and Christmas operations despite its lower populated area. EVERYTHING is open (except water rides). Including all shops and food locations. The “we can’t get employees” excuse is just an excuse.
  14. KD also operates 3 coasters despite smaller attendance than KI. KD is the only park left with the synchronized light package. It must be problematic, but they are still trying to keep it going. They had it fixed the next day. also, their international street blows Kings Island away. It’s so more immersive. Mainly because Kings Island decimated all the large trees a few years ago. Kings Island Winterfest only has two advantages over the others. The train and one hour more of operation on weekends While I appreciate the Kings Island actually improved their lights this year, they are still pitiful compared to Carowinds. Carowinds puts 2 to 3 times more lights in each tree! Kings Island just doesn’t have the tree cover that the other two parks have to have the fantastic lights. A few pics of Carowinds below and one of KD
  15. Kings Island doesn’t even have the best Winterfest. The lights are better at both Carowinds and Kings Dominion and Carowinds has a better ride lineup.
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