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  1. So are you saying that "content creators" can come to KIC to post publicly available documents and give their opinions, good and bad? Would this be a loophole for them, or would kic face the wrath of the parks?
  2. New Six Flags content creator guidelines ban sharing ‘park insider information’ - Theme Park Tribune
  3. As long as people buy the passes, plans and spend money in the park, they likely will continue to do what they do. If they focused instead, on elevating the experience while raising prices, many of the problems they have would get resolved as the people who don't spend money go elsewhere and people who do have the money to spend, spend money. Saleem, as much as he's mocked, had a good idea. He just didn't implement it well. Elevate the experience, then raise your prices. He wanted to move from Walmart customers to target customers. Kings Island should strive to move from a aldi customer to a whole foods customer.
  4. Maybe it's a survey marker for a saloon or for future brew festival structure. Might as well have another bar in the park!
  5. In the latest update, many people on the KISP Facebook page are commenting about the smells in the play area. Smells range from mildew to cat urine to sweat to dropped food to feet. One person claimed to see human stool! The leading theory is that no sunlight doesn't allow it to dry out and things linger. However, I take the cat urine smell with a grain of salt. Many people there also claim the landscape bushes also smell of cat urine...all over the park!
  6. Maybe that can be caught in person. I did not hear anything that indicated that the guest was the star. I can see a weak association to the coasters.
  7. I haven't been able to see the show live, it was not running in May and last week, I just didn't feel like waiting for it as I had a long drive...plus the weather was iffy and I thought they may not fly the drones. I just watched the parks YouTube version of the video and it looks incredible. On this version, though, the drones did not appear bright and it looked like about half were missing...the graphics did not stand out well. My question is: After Snoopy's canoe and before Diamondback, is that an Antique Car or a baby carriage? My observation: the theme is "Under the Stars" but when this show is on, the stars are only beginning to shine. It focuses so much on the night time experience, but that time is very short. I'm not meaning this as a gripe for ten pm closes, but just observing a dichotomy.
  8. Interesting that they have retired the Cedar Fair name but are launching a Cedar Fair website. Also, merch is clearanced for Carowinds and Canada, but nowhere else. Interesting.
  9. What's funny to me is that people still cling to The Italian Job Stunt Track, when it had that name for two years. It's been BLSC for 15. But it will always be The Junkyard Coaster to me!
  10. Many would not like it if they changed The Beast to Goliath or The Racer to The Bosses. They'd still do the same thing, though.
  11. Looks like this has worked. Thank you!
  12. Subjectively, Id rather be balls to the wall the entire ride than have track thrown in . While Fury 325 is a better overall ride than Orion, I prefer Orion's ending instead of Fury's gradual slowdown. Millennium Force is similar in this regard.
  13. It's a stretch to say this is the end of legacy Six Flags IP. Peanuts Worldwide appeared on just about every legacy Cedar Fair URL. And from the very first press release from Six Flags Entertainment Corporation: "ABOUT SIX FLAGS ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION Six Flags Entertainment Corporation (NYSE: FUN) is North America’s largest regional amusement-resort operator with 27 amusement parks, 15 water parks and nine resort properties across 17 states in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Focused on its purpose of making people happy, Six Flags provides fun, immersive and memorable experiences to millions of guests every year with world-class coasters, themed rides, thrilling water parks, resorts and a portfolio of beloved intellectual property such as Looney Tunes®, DC Comics® and PEANUTS®." (emphasis mine). Six Flags Entertainment Corporation - Cedar Fair and Six Flags Merger of Equals Successfully Completed, Creating a Leading Amusement Park Operator
  14. Standing at the Kings Island security, I felt a pang of something bittersweet. This was it, my last hurrah before the park became associated with Six Flags. The coasters rattled in the distance, the familiar roar a comforting rumble against the undercurrent of worry churning in my stomach. The day was a whirlwind of nostalgic thrills. I screamed through the inversions on Banshee, relishing the white-knuckled drops and the wind whipping through my remaining hair. I indulged in the sugary sweetness of a blue ice cream, the cold, gooey goodness a perfect counterpoint to the humid summer air. And I was captivated by the mesmerizing dance of colors in the bubble show, even though I wish the Maestro and company were still present, while Hilda Bovine's musical talent echoed in my memories. It is over, Hilda. You've sang. The people in C-suite mentioned the scariest thing. A shadow lingered beneath the surface of the fun. Kings Island, a place woven into the fabric of my summer memories, felt like a patient entering hospice care. The park that once pulsed with youthful exuberance now exuded a sense of uncertainty. Six Flags loomed on the horizon, an enigma wrapped in a coat of roller coasters. Would it usher in a new era of exhilarating rides and dazzling spectacles? Or would it erase the park's quirky charm, turning it into a generic theme park indistinguishable from its brethren? As I left, I stole one last glance back, a silent plea escaping my lips. Please, Kings Island, let your transformation be a paradise, not a purgatory. The park's future hung in the balance, and only time would tell if the metamorphosis would be a glorious ascension or a soul-crushing descent.
  15. Mechanical issues? Staffing? Reduced operating hours? Budget cuts? Failed inspection?
  16. If they are going to do a water park addition for '25, it would be a good opportunity to rebrand it to something more fitting to the area instead of something generic like Soak City or hurricane harbor. But without a total redo, like the 30million redo of the water park at CGA, it likely will remain a generic wasteland of concrete, plastic, germs, human grease and cellulite.
  17. New for Grand Carnivale in 2024! Watch our themed international characters roam and sweep trash from the ground! Then, at closing, be amazed when our internationally themed characters push big garbage carriers across the midway! You never know when they will pop from around the corner!
  18. And , in the case with the Cedar Point death, making changes could be seen as admitting fault. I am not an attorney, but I don't think the ones who practice law for Cedar Fair/Six Flags Entertainment Corporation/Kings Island would want to do this.
  19. I think Cedar Fair started doing Six Flags practice last year with reduced staffing, dirtier midways and continued forward to this year with shorter hours, reduced operating days, Sysco "hand breaded" tenders and vastly reduced entertainment options!
  20. Get your Cedar Fair visits in this week. Next week the two Ohio parks will be part of Six Flags Entertainment Corporation! https://www.stocktitan.net/news/FUN/cedar-fair-and-six-flags-announce-the-satisfaction-of-regulatory-lrtrgbwzcksl.html
  21. I think it depends on which version of Paramount you are thinking... Paramount, Viacom or CBS. Viacom and CBS recently reunited and I think Paramount is in play. I think if CBS kept the parks, they would have been degraded and sold off either as parks or as real estate assets . Viacom could have been a viable operator. But in any event, I don't think any of these entities would have held out long term .
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