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  1. I'm very curious to see if they're only going to be open during the night, or if they will have a daytime event as well. Guess we'll find out..
  2. It is never a park's "turn" to get something. (Michigan's Adventure?) Parks get new attractions based on their popularity....
  3. I see the fenced in area as being an entrance plaza to a new attraction, just my opinion.
  4. ^ I smell a Disney fanboy. "Just wondering why people act like Uni didn't do this exact same thing?" Here's the thing though, Universal doesn't change one of their most popular rides.... This would arguably be, by FAR, the WORST decision in the entire theme/amusement park industry. Baffles me that such a rumor would even be created. If this turned out to be legitimate, Disney lost my business, along with 20+ other million people. What a joke. Tower of Terror is one of the world's most cherished thrill rides, and the Orlando version was the first and best.
  5. Then why aren't we seeing a major refurbishment with Dragon Challenge, which also opened in 1999 at Universal? Maybe they don't see much value in the ride and they will be getting rid of it soon? Also, Busch has much smaller pockets than Comcast....
  6. The general public appreciates smooth rides, hence why Universal is re-tracking. When a ride is run 365 days a year for 15 years, yeah, it's gonna get rough. Your opinion may be that you like rides rough, but I can tell you that the general public does not.
  7. Hulk did get very rough, considering it opened in 1999 and Universal has been operating the ride 365 days a year for over 15 years. This is a much needed refurb.
  8. "But this ride is just going to be Kong 360 with a fancy facade" Says every pixie dust snorter ever.
  9. Did you say Diagon Alley was just "building and a couple projector based rides?" I think over 10 million people might disagree with you on that.
  10. "Got a bit of video to look over and examine/show everyone" What are you, an auditor?
  11. People complain about trains with multiple empty seats... then I see threads like this... WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT
  12. Since you seem to know everything about working in the industry, why not fill out an application? https://jobs.cedarfair.com/kingsisland/index.cfm
  13. Has anybody considered that possibly line management isn't the issue and maybe it's that too many Fast Lane wristbands are being sold? Food for thought.
  14. I think this is a fantastic idea for a thread. You guys have no idea how much associates appreciate hearing these things. It makes us have more confidence when we're on the job. Thank you for your nice words, and make sure you introduce yourself when you see us!
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