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  1. Why does Kings Island necessarily deserve a better coaster than CGA?
  2. Hopefully we see this become a company wide raise. Cedar Point is not the only park with staffing issues in the chain.
  3. Immediately sounds amazing, but many employees (myself included) have only completed a small part if not none of their training. I hope people don't take the "immediately" too literally.
  4. Why not just use this one that's active? That last one hasn't been active in over a month, Also, I feel like Zephyr just underwent this treatment a couple seasons ago, right? Does Zephyr get rebuilt every season?
  5. They may also be doing what KD did with their FoF. The indoor queue is much smaller because a large portion of it was turned into a Haunt maze. This extended queue could be to prevent people from spilling out into the main path on a busy day,
  6. I can see them turning the midway from BLSC to Coney into what Cedar Point did with the Gemini midway.
  7. If this ride makes it in the top 10 steel coasters at the Golden Ticket Awards next year I will print out this page and eat my words.
  8. Imagine cheaping out on having a good ride so your 1/3 scale faded Eiffel Tower can remain the most prominent part of your skyline.
  9. So how far are the 'Giga-Stans' in the grieving process? Feel free to add a circle around where you are.
  10. I really hope this isn't the final layout, it just feels off to me for some reason.
  11. I'm not sure on the likelihood of a B&M Floorless coming to any park. There have only been two built in the last 10 years, and both of them overseas (India and China). The last B&M Floorless built in the U.S. was Hydra the Revenge at Dorney in '05. Parks seem to be going with B&M's more modern models which is why so many probably expect a giga because of Cedar Fair's recent investments.
  12. If Rebel Yell (now Racer '75) is getting retracked, do you guys think our Racer could be getting the same treatment soon?
  13. So are they new seats or just painted old ones?
  14. I might be in the minority here and I also don't know if this has already been said on this thread but I would personally love an RMC T-rex. Hopefully the raptors do very well because a larger model would, imo, be better than a giga. I would much rather have anything by RMC than B&M or Intamin.
  15. Employee comp tickets should work until the end of Winterfest, that includes Haunt.
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