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  1. Guests enjoyed the PEANUTS Celebration.
  2. There wasn't anything that changed for Haunt during my time there that I didn't agree with outside of replacing Hot Blooded. The show fit Haunt. It was popular, had a cult-like following. While it doesn't fall under change, I was never a fan of allowing No-Boo necklaces in the mazes. I thought that ruined the experience for those attending the event for the scares and they'd get grouped with others with the No-Boo.
  3. Fright Fest and Howl-O-Scream have been the better events in recent years. More scare-actors in the mazes and scare zones. Not as many kids at these events from my experience.
  4. Building credibility with your audience matters more than an invite to media day. Authenticity beats being a shill every time.
  5. I like that all the Six Flags parks are in the same app. Just a better app overall than what the former Cedar Fair parks have. More engaging, better content, easier to navigate.
  6. They have the available staffing so it's not the issue for the Eiffel Tower closing at 9:30 p.m., one side of The Racer closed 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., or drink refill locations not open.
  7. If the product allows you to do the same thing, what difference does it make if it's called Fast Lane, The Flash Pass, or Daffy Duck's Quick Access Pass?
  8. 2025 was committed for this year. With the merger expected to close on July 1, don't be surprised if there is not a major new attraction for 2026.
  9. Leaked layout? It's a public record. A leak would be getting it before the plans were filed.
  10. So was the pulled pork at Coney Bar B Que.
  11. Had Kings Island and the other Paramount Parks not been purchased by Cedar Fair, there are rides in operation today that likely would have been retired. Addition by subtraction is what we would have seen more of, similar to what we saw when they took out Flying Eagles and Les Taxis to make way for The Italian Job: Stunt Track.
  12. For 33% of the day, The Racer is only one-track operation with the name not matching the experience that's being delivered. On paper it's an easy budget cut not thinking it impacts the guest experience, but it does. Many of the rides I've taken on The Racer this year during those hours there's been grumbling by guests about only one side running and disappointment over not being able to race against their friends or family members. And things like this factor in when it comes time to renew passes or visit again next year. Before looking at what might go in The Vortex spot, let's see The Racer running at full capacity, longer show runs, all of the soft drink stands open, the park operating hours back to what they used to be. When those things are happening, then it's time to look at adding a major new coaster.
  13. Here's a piece I wrote for Theme Parks By Don comparing Snoopy's Soap Box Racers and Good Gravy! It won't win a Pulitzer but I think it captures the spirit of the thing. https://themeparksbydon.com/comparing-snoopys-soap-box-racers-and-good-gravy/
  14. I mentioned on the Tower Topics episode that dropped on Friday (June 7) that I wish the show was in the Showplace, where country shows with a live band used to be in the 1970's and 1980's in the evening hours. It would really elevate the show if it were in that venue versus the Festhaus. Great show, wrong venue.
  15. By teasing it in this fashion on social media, the event has to be good.
  16. I was able to get my first taste of the new Good Gravy! coaster at Holiday World. Very detailed. Very well done! https://themeparksbydon.com/my-first-taste-of-good-gravy-at-holiday-world/
  17. Evan Millward was one of the marketing interns at Kings Island in 2008, helping the park execute successful events like Robbie Knievel's motorcycle jump.
  18. I wouldn't put much stock in this survey. Brands do these types of surveys all the time.
  19. Nice video! Looking forward to Camp Snoopy opening.
  20. The Cincinnati Cyclones have been around in one league or another since 1990. I'm a huge hockey fan. I worked for the Cyclones from 1990-1996. I know they exist but because they don't garner much media attention, they're not top of mind for me and others. It's the same situation for the people that live in Sandusky. They know Cedar Point exists, but they need to be reminded of the amusement park. People know Burger King, McDonald's, Wendy's exist in their neighborhood, yet these restaurants spend a lot of money advertising on TV. They know they have to maintain top of mind awareness.
  21. Video made me feel like I was there since my invite got lost in the (e) mail.
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