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  1. I did as well. Nice portions on each. Also Chef Major blessed us with his presence
  2. I think GC will be around for a while. This year they actually have more beads, tinsel around windows (from what I can tell), reported IS lights synched with the parade stop, etc. This event is a very low cost since most of the decorations/floats are already made. The only new costs are the food (which are recooped at a profit) and a couple of kids crafts. Bottom line is there is always a buzz about it and it gives people a reason to re-visit. But that's just my 2-cents, I could be wrong.
  3. Went tonight and after a 2 year hiatus the Chef's Plate did not dissapoint! Got in line about 4:45 (line was at the first Starbucks door) and 10 minutes later, the line was to Grain and Grill. I don't like tomatoes but these were very good. The crab cake stole the show and the steak was tender. (The line even started moving 5 minutes early). Chef Perez said they will have one more next Tuesday and that will be it since Carnivale will be starting. (P.S. They have already started decorating for Carnivale!) Kudo's to Chef Perez and the entire Culinary Team. I for one appreciate the effort! Now if I could only get the Merchandising team to make a "Plate like no other" shirt
  4. Announcement just made that all rides ahould be operational in an hour (1pm).
  5. Park is experiencing an extensive power outage. No rides going and they evaded people off the hill if The Beast. WindSeeker was stopped about 50 feet up. Reastraunts and other powers fine. Started around 10:45.
  6. I may be mistaken but I do believe there is razorwire on the top of the fence in the parking lot in front of Congo Falls/Invertigo.
  7. And then you can call his brother who is also an ambulace chaser if you get cut on the razer wire in the dark and couldn't see it during Haunt......... Needs to be a law where if you sue someone/thing for a million dollars there is an automatic countersuit against you for 1/2 the amount and if you loose, you have to pay. That will take care of all the fradulent cases in this country that are clogging our court systems for years/decades on end. The only people who make out are the lawyers. Oh, and you only get 1 appeal.
  8. Watched the show today (it was FANTASTIC! They really tried to get the 2pm show off since they had not done a complete show yet) and nothing of the sort crossed my or my grandchildren's mind. (They knew about the incident). I would expect that most people wouldn't make the connection.
  9. Not sure if this was mentioned before but I rode Wookstock's Air Rail yesterday in the front and noticed the painted letters on the metal floor on the lift hill. Nice touch
  10. Coney BBQ had Baby Back Ribs (back) replacing Burnt Ends tonight. The signs out front reflected the change as well.
  11. While we're at it might as well bring back Grad Nights Isn't it a little bit of a mixed message when you're installing more "family friendly" rides and at the same time increasing the ability to have inebriated people walking around the park. (Nothing like spending a day with Drunk Uncle at KI ) Maybe the'll sereve a "Dirty Martini" at Pig Pen's Mess Hall
  12. I agree with your assesment. Ryan the Ride Mechanic 3 hours ago posted on YouTube that he will have a "new Top thrills 2 video tomorrow" at 2:30 CST. He included a picture of a portion of what looks like a letter/email on Zamperla letterhead with the sent date of Thursday May 16, 2(it cuts off) to Ryan at his email and the Subject is Top Thrills 2 opening da(cuts off again). Plus over on PointBuzz there are multiple reports of 2 of the trains cycling today. I'm guessing they will move heavan and Earth to try and get this up by Memorial Day weekend next week. Although I think alot of people have already re-arranged their plans to later in the summer. Interesting times indeed.
  13. This post reminded me of Steve Martin in the Jerk when he's describing what prizes are available to winners. “Ah, anything in this general area right in here. Anything below the stereo and on this side of the Bicentennial glasses. Anything between the ashtrays and the thimbles. Anything in this three inches. Right in here, this area, that includes the Chiclets but not the erasers.”
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