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  1. Snapped from the website. Myabe try flushing your cache?
  2. Main gate webcam is back up. I Street looks great and I believe the large snowflakes on the ice are new and excieted to see how they look at night.
  3. As a programmer I feel the need to note that a "processing" fee has some validity to it. Those websites don't write themselves and with the amount of cyberattacks increasing they are only getting more expensive to upkeep and maintain. Not just the web site, but the webserver it is running on.
  4. Actually ElToroRyan just posted a video about the merger that brings things into perspective rather nicely. It's a MERGER. Think of it like Sea World and Bush Gardens not Paramount and Cedar Fair, which was a purchase. I don't see much changing in the next 2 years or so. As far as Looney Tunes at CF parks the one I could see doing this would be Cedar Point turning one of their 3 kids areas into Looney Tunes (possibly the one on the main midway). I think this is a much better solution than having CF get sold to another company. Looking at the map of parks it doesn't look like there is much "competition" between SIX and CF in our market. I'm optomistic about the change mostly because CF maintains controling interest in the stock. It's kind of like children when a parent marries for the second time (like the movie StepBrothers). At the beginning there is a bunch of pessimism from each side (I imagine SIX enthusiasts are having a similar reacton that we are) but at then end they will live happlily ever-after as Prestige Worldwide
  5. The saga continues..... So I went to KI Saturday night (and Sunday). On Saturday night I overheard the admissions person who scanned their passes explaining to the couple next to me that they couldn't re-enter after 6 (this was at 9pm). They tried explaining that they had been in that morning and planned on coming back that night (same story as mine). I went in and waited to see how this turned out and low and behold they were allowed entry into the park! Two adults were allowed in after I, with my grandson, tried to get in at 7pm the Sunday before . We were told there were no exceptions by the admissions person, their supervisor, and guest serveices. Seems like some consistency in their policy is needed. As I stated before it would make much more sense to "reset" the re-entry rule starting at 6pm since that IS when haunt starts and re-entry is allowed during the daytime event.
  6. Actually this serves two purposes. It gives them a head start on decorating AND serves as great advertisement for Winterfest. I'm all for it.
  7. I saw Cracker Barrel having Christmas stuff out before Haunt started!
  8. Just had my first major disappointment with KI and wanted to warn everyone here. I understand the "no re-entry after 6pm" for Haunt. I went to KI this am to ride The Beast, Diamondback and have the Posiden dish at French Quater (it was fantastic!). After the Bengals game I went to go pick up my grandson and take him to haunt for a couple of mazes and night rides on The Beast and they wouldn't let me in because "I was re-entering the park" after 6. My understanding has always been that the meaning of that rule was that if you enter after 6pm (start of Haunt), you can't re-enter after 6pm. The lady at the entry gate, her supervisor and 2 people in guest relations all said the same thing and how it was "clearly labeled". Low and behold I got home and looked on the website and found this: Again, it says "during Halloween Haunt". I inturpret this to mean that if you enter during Halloween Haunt, you can not re enter during Halloween Haunt. And accroding to the webiste Haunt doesn't start till 6pm. Again I did not leave the park after 6pm. I left the part at Noon (which last I checked was not after 6pm) On the calendar for October 8th it reads: So it seems that my interpretation of the rule was correct and according to the website I could enter Haunt (which started at 6) but not re-enter it once I left Haunt (after 6). Just wanted to give this cautionary tale to others so they can be clear with what I experienced and what the policy says. Very dissapointed in the confusing rule. No biggie, just thought I'd let others know so they do get put in the same boat I found myself in. Oh well, live and learn.
  9. Once again, why are parents bringing little ones? Back when I was young we had these things called babysitters. I knew some teens in my neighborhood that would make some good money babysitting. Don't parents have "date night" anymore? Also, it's ok to tell little Johnny he has to wait to experience some things in life. (they have to wait for a license, etc). oing to KI for Haunt should be an experience you do once you have reached a certain level of maturity (actually now that I think of it going to KI alone should have the same criteria.) I don't blame the kids, I blame their parents. We are practically forcing these kids to grow up faster than they should. They are missing (in my opinion) crutial parts of their childhood necessary to become a well rounded, thoughtful, mature and kind adult. I feel the past couple of generations have had a hard time telling their kids NO. To me it was a vital part of my childhood. Understanding to be patient and good things come to those who wait and if you break an expensive toy you don't automatically get another one is, in my opinion, crutial to becoming a well rounded person. Obviously you were too irresponsible to have the expensive toy in the first place and should do without to make you appreciate what you had (and people wonder where this "entitled" mentatlity comes from, It's a learned behavior.). Look I understand especially with the cost of living that it takes 2 parents working to raise a child and I hate that. Gone are the days when wages were such that a family could have 1 bread winner (wife or the husband) and I think childeren in the end has suffered because of that and it's more a product of our society rather than the fault of the parents. But in the end having a child is a responsibilty and sacrifices are to be made. If you only get to go to Haunt once a year when you can afford a sitter instead of every weekend then so be it. Eventually your child will be grown and out of the house and you'll be able to go when you want again. But those years you have with your child are you raising the next generation slip away far faster than you can ever imagine. Before you know it you'll have grandchildren and hopefully you'll be able to watch them while your adult kids get to have a "datenight" off and go to Haunt while you experience the wonderful time of letting your grandkids eat what they want, have tons of sugar and stay up late. As a grandparent of 4 myself I can truley say those times are ones I cherish much more than any Haunt, and in the future when I'm gone and my grandkids look back I hope they cherish time spent with me and my wife more than time at an amusement park. As a society I hope we get back to focusing what's really important before it's gone. After all once you loose your parents/grandparents you don't get to go on Amazon and order another one. The fact that you can't is what makes them so precious in the first place. Thanks for hanging on till the end, this really went in a different direction than I though it would when I started. But hopefully some out there can read this and it will make a difference. We're all in this together, keep your stick on the ice.
  10. Yes they did have a fountain show at Midnight. Looks like it lastst about 5 min.
  11. It really seems like a mixed message when describing the event going in the direction of more family friendly yet they are pushing alcohol more. Hoever I do agree that it's always amazed me that people are taking strollers and carts with kids in them through the houses.
  12. Saw the last show last night. Overall the show was fantastic and a change from last years. I missed the "main" female dancer character from last year but I think the characters omission I believe was to try and make the story easier to follow. Overall the energy and choreography was fantastic and I look forward to seeing it again. Finally my biggest complaint is the same as last year. Whereas during the show the video screens were not nearly as distracting attention away from the performers they still have "Mr. Baldy" and "Mr. Devil" dancing in the video in the final song. For the life of me I don't get how this fits the stroy and completely distracts attention from what I'm there to see: the live perfomers. Simply omitting all the "dancing characters" and just having the firey background would be so much better. (The "Mr. Devil" is just disturbing with his gyrations in my opinion). Overall fantastic show and the performers are top notch! My grandson (12) and I enjoyed it very much.
  13. Roamers are a great part of the experience. Not only for the atomosphere but from the aspect of having employees among the crowd that can report anything "unruly" going on. It's like having more security around, not just for unruly behavior, but to help out people with question, problems, etc. Also I'm sure there are several people who only work haunt at night. In my opinion haunt should be intended for adults (18+). This is why the kids area is closed. They are open during the day and on Sunday for the family crowd but, in my opinion, Fri and Sat nights should be for the adults to play. In all we're talking about 12 nights out of the year for adult haunt. In the past when they first started the event you never saw kids. They closed the park at 6 and re-opened at 7 (literally clearing the park). Nowadays people are pushing strollers at 11pm at night. As far as the "no boo" I would love to see those go away. It does look like a money grab. If you don't want to be scared then leave before 7. I think some of the scareactors "edit" themselves because of the chance of kids being around and I think they sould be free to do their best. It's only 12 nights out of the year.
  14. If you're talking about the 5 you get for renewing/buying a 2024 passs, reading the info they are good for 2023 only and then only good this Tues (8/15), Wed(8/16), and Thurs(8/17) and Fridays and Sundays with the exception of Sunday, 9/3. Remeber daily operation ends 8/17. From the site: Purchase between 8/10-8/13/23 and get 5 FREE Single Use Fast Lanes. Single Use Fast Lanes are valid 1 per day any public operating day 8/15-10/29/23, excluding Saturdays and Sunday, 9/3.
  15. I was at the 2 oclock show and the last show. Alas I feel Phantom will not make it's return next year. Instead of the "we'll see you next season" that they did last year, they thanked the crowd for the support over the last 2. Noone came out for the meet and greet after the performance and serveral references were made during the show that it was the "last one". It certainly had the feeling of a final curtain call. Maestro even shook Larry's hand at the apropriate spot which drew quite the response from eveyone there. So many inside jokes, the Maestro's first call for applause for himself was so long he had to tell everyone to stop! The love was flowing to and from the stage it will be a memory I will carry with me always. Special shout out to the two young men who dressed up as Legless Larry and Maestro, both with blue face paint. You two definitely added to the ambiance. I didn't get the Vinyl soundtrack I wanted, nor a picture of the cast in and out of makeup (but still in costume). I hope someone did get that shot for the cast as a keepsake. I did get merch for a show that I will be sporting thorughout the years. So it is with a bit of sadness that I say farewell to this wonderful, top of the line show. Happy Feet is definitely the best act of any show at anytime in the history of that theatre and Phantom is the greatest show it's ever seen (Celebration is a very close second). (both my opinion of course, your mileage may vary ) Thanks to KI management, cast, crew and everyone who made the show possible (including RB & company). It was nice to see a broadway style original show done at that theatre once again, and done right!
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