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  1. Were the Winterfest Wands a hint of this with their bubbles? Also can you use the Wands during the show
  2. I agree but this show just seems to waste an opportunity for a proper stage producton. I'm sure the show will be fine, I just think it would be better in the small theatre in Planet Snoopy. Not sure how re-watchable it will be but I'll be willing to give it a chance.
  3. Another sign of opening day getting closer....Woodstock Whirlybirds are on the track!
  4. Looks like WindSeeker is testing this morning. Another sign that opening day 2024 is getting close
  5. Yea I would agree, unfortunately. In the past 40 years there has been too many mergers that create monopolies, mostly because of businesses giving influencing our politics on both sides (thanks citizens united). Toatally runining the ability of free markets to keep down prices.
  6. Totally agree. Part of this is the result of the passes being extended an additional year. CF won me when they made that decision as early as they did. Season passes are still the best deal around for the money.
  7. I can understand them looking into it but I would be worried about a monopoly being formed. SIX and FUN remaining seperate would keep the capitalist gear of competition going to help drive down prices. Remember the game Monopoly was originally invented to warn AGAINST the formation of monopoies. Capitalism completely falls apart without competition. That being said it could be seen that even with the merger competition would still exist between the new entity and smaller parks, zoos and other forms of entertainment. Just a thought.
  8. Alot of activity at Camp Snoopy this AM. Saw sparks flying at one point. Looks like we could be going vertical soon.
  9. I'm a little concerned about mixing CF and SIX IP's at the same park. With as often as parks seem to be trading hands the more IP's at a park the messier and possibly less lucrative the sale would be (having to re-name rides aka when CF bought Paramount). With CF and SIX being a merger I can see each keeping with their own IP's. (Can you imagine if they renamed Orion to the Blue Beetle? lol)
  10. Absolutely agree. Fantastic finish. I don't mind the coaster line-up for Winterfest. I'm going there for lights, shows, food and atomosphere. The coasters are just a bonus and it wouldn't bother me at all if they were not open for the event. That being said I do wonder if they will have Soapbox open for Winterfest next year. Havinig a kids coaster open for Winterfest, in my opinion, would be a nice addition and not leave out the kids on riding a coaster in cold weather
  11. My favorite offering at Winterfest is the Meatloaf burger at the Brewhouse. The tangy ketchup and cheese is amazing and it litterally tastes like a meatloaf in burger form. Went to the park twice this Winterfest just to have it!
  12. Actually 8 (theres one on the a six flags theme park)
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