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  1. KI started teasing for Diamondback early-ish. I don't remember any of the teasers for Banshee (or if there was any at all). When Diamondback was announced the entire world was not yet on Facebook, most didn't have a smartphone yet, so the "season pass" groups didn't exist yet. Maybe if the fun wasn't already spoiled they would have begun some sort of teasing? The teasers for Dback went on nearly all summer from what I remember. I just remember Marketing having a "field day" with those Mustang Sally teases.
  2. I think only those who were actually alive at the time can really comment on that one. XD
  3. Actually, OC Register calls it new, whereas Knotts themselves don't. I like how Bigfoot will finally tie into Calico better, without dropping the Bigfoot theme entirely. (Even getting a new Bigfoot animatronic to replace the old one that got spooked and ran away way back when). I kind of hope they bring back the waterfalls too. https://www.ocregister.com/2018/11/13/knotts-berry-farm-announces-new-water-raft-ride-calico-river-rapids/
  4. I can't think of any. For KI, I guess the original Bat. I survived Sonny, Firehawk, King Cobra, and Ghoster Coaster. I be lying if I said I found any of those real enjoyable. Now a defunct coaster I do not regret having ridden? That's easy! Disaster Transport. I'd marathon that with Iron Dragon even. for Knott's? Uh..I dunno. I guess Corkscrew. Boomerang was garbage. Hangtime is good, but not good enough to blow kisses at it like some coaster enthusiasts do.
  5. Maybe not look taller, but personally felt like it looked better, lol.
  6. I've done close to similar to this myself with KI and Knott's when I was living in Ohio. Being at KI until close at Haunt (which was near 2am I didnt leave the park), and catching a flight to begin fall vaca in Cali, and was at Knott's at opening. Now it is just Knott's and Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat (4 hr drive between), or Knott's and SeaWorld (1 hr and half drive). lol
  7. You were allowed to vote for the same choice once a day for this poll. So for the most part, it was flawed. *shrug* I learned first hand on a poll that featured Bar (er Dark) Harbor at Queen Mary, haha! (There were a couple different polls in this, DH shared theirs with Land of Illusion, while KI was listed with Knott's and Uni) faeriewench, to be found at KSF tomorrow.
  8. From experience while working there... The water park especially. Similar experience at The Beach too. I have no idea if they changed it or not (hope they did), I was apart of all female crew for restrooms, which means I had to clean both men and womens. Aside from the obvious issues of men, I still found womens worse.
  9. Which a lot are not. You have families with elderly, and/or disabled that aren't able to enjoy the coasters or even moderately thrilling rides that are usually left on the sidelines to watch. That is where rides like the boats, ferris wheels, tiques, trains, and a good entertainment lineup come in handy. My immediate family are a perfect example...non verbal autistic brother and a permanently disabled father with heart problems. TRUE family rides (I saw you mentioned STR and others constantly bring up Mystic Timbers) are able to accommodate everyone. From newborn (tho I know they dont get much of anything out of anything in terms of enjoyment), and elderly. What saddens me there was a time where I could consider CP as the family friendly alternative to KI, now its almost the opposite the rate they've been going. Maybe it is because of how I was raised, my grandparents raised me, and we were at CP constantly. My definition of family rides is different and that is no coaster can be considered a family ride. *shrug*
  10. On the forum? Why yes. Yes, I am aware. :) Keep in mind though families bring in much more money than coaster fans do, so they should be taken as priority.
  11. No, it is not. And thank goodness for that. In the future though sadly. Now as for it being similar to GTA, it is too soon to really know. GTA is not a escape room attraction, rather it is almost a league of its own, whereas this one has a escape room vibe, but guess we'll see. I could see Cedar Point trying to adopt similar to it. Definitely gonna follow this. If it is just as family friendly, I'm all for it as GTA's largest fanbase is actually children. Some teenagers partake, but they always seem more interested in trying to flirt with the Doctor. XD Cedar Point has done away with a lot of family friendly attractions and something like GTA and more tame rides be helpful at this point. Can't fix everything with coasters.
  12. And at Knott's, you got guests and employees that are clueless as to the existence of the other Cedar Fair parks period. (minus...CP) A lot of guests I talked to don't even know Knott's is connected to Great America in the same state, but will remember it as Paramount.
  13. I dunno if i should be doing that. lol ._________.
  14. For real? o_o Every time I have done Mystic Timbers, I always got the blasted tree.
  15. News reporter actually right for once. Cedar Point made those easter egg posters, and the fans ran with it. Knott's was referenced in them too and I can confirm no such thing existed at Knott's, just like it was non existent at KI.
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