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  1. Cincinnati's beloved amusement park Coney Island is kicking off the summer season with some new additions to its line-up of attractions. https://www.citybeat.com/arts-culture/blog/21152252/cincinnatis-coney-island-announces-new-attractions-this-year-like-a-giant-floating-obstacle-course
  2. Not Orion but related. Spotted this on the Special Dietary Needs page on the official site:
  3. Here’s a video with some excellent King Cobra footage starting at around 6:10 Primarily it’s from media day but it also has footage of an ACE event honoring the ride.
  4. Looking over the document, I don't think it signifies much except for possible additional track work on Racer from GCI. I read this as more of a modification of the document submitted last year, possibly to include the removal of Vortex.
  5. Orion’s ornaments say April 11, which is a Friday. Would make sense.
  6. I was there tonight. Mystic Timbers runs great in the cold. Happy with this shot of Vortex:
  7. I got $4 for a bucket of caramel corn
  8. Oktoberfest. Adventure Express queue entrance is there now.
  9. It's probable that they have some sort of local PVR system for the cams that do not require them to be online. Think security.
  10. I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon. It's the newest Arrow Suspended coaster built, has decent popularity, and seems reliable. The location is not ideal, but it works.
  11. Do they though? Webcams are not their first priority.
  12. Taken from Reddit. The trains saying goodbye before they go wherever they’re going.
  13. The blueprints did note that the food stand would be removed, but nothing about what would replace it.
  14. With Tower of Terror II closed, Orion will now open as the tenth tallest coaster in the world.
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