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  1. It was rebranded. The world's only Giant Top Spin had significant flaws.
  2. The city makes a fortune off Kings Island. Dont hote the hand that feeds you.
  3. The sweet potato was good today. The tri tip sucked as usual. They need to take the chef major promo down that says he cooks from the heart.....
  4. I am sure there would be exceptions. Why dont you go up the exit ramp due to your condition.
  5. I wonder if a security guard was kicking people out of the park left and right for line jumping, phones on rides etc. That management would tell him/her to tone it down if there was complaints.
  6. I had excellent food at BGW williamsburg. Why is ms keats so much better than coney bbq? You have seasonal employees working at both.
  7. Why did they break off a piece of the ride? If they were selling wouldn't they be careful on taking it apart?
  8. the airtime hills after the first wave turn is awesome. Steel Vengeance up into the double up into the mcbr and drop after the mcbr still provides more ejector.
  9. Your entitled to your opinion. I just dont want you to miss out on an amazing coaster.
  10. Dorney must be complete trash. Havent been in a fee years. I thought kd was pretty bad personally.
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