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  1. It's obviously the world's tallest Coca-Cola Freestyle stand.
  2. To answer the question posed in the thread title: No.
  3. If there's not an optometry themed house for Haunt 20/20, I will be very upset.
  4. There's a new article from kdfans.com! https://kdfans.com/2020/crypt-replacement-appears-immune-to-the-coronavirus/
  5. So, I was thinking over potential buyers, and I think I came up with everybody's worst nightmare:
  6. So @collin.klopfstein and I are members of the ParkFans Forums, which means that we will be among the first people to see any blueprints or site plans for KD Project 2021. Once we find them, we will post them here and keep you guys updated on any new developments!
  7. It would be a dream come true if I could meet him! His parodies are so funny!
  8. Tomorrow, Universal Studios Japan will make a major announcement regarding their new-for-2020 Super Nintendo World area. I have started this thread to discuss the announcement and talk about our most anticipated rides from there. In case you missed it, here's the tease of the land that was released in 2017: Here's a video of the groundbreaking from 2017:
  9. SWSD has officially announced their new dive coaster! Introducing Emperor! Video courtesy of SeaWorld San Diego's Twitter page. 29214-295ead837e9cde816d7c30114b6616df.mp4
  10. KI in 2021: "Coming in 2022, the all-new wooden roller coaster The Sister's Father's Grandma's Cousin's Wife's Son's Dog Bubba of The Beast!"
  11. "Mr. Antorcha, I cannot believe how much you spent on Pantheon! You're fired!"
  12. I would like to see these documents! They could be an interesting read.
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